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  1. Very neat. I wish I saw these before they were sold. I am totally out of WW2 collecting, but wanted these. Very awesome find. Side note, one of my sets says I am a Jew, one says no preference. Not that I ever plan on being in a position to be put on Al Jazeera in orange, but would rather not have anything denoting that just in case.
  2. Sorry I disappeared for a minute... Thanks everyone. Doesn't look like a dyed BDU. And there are no tags and no ghosts of tags. I'll post up better patch ghost pics. The Thai AF looks kinda close... And Arch, that's what I was thinking when I paid $30... If I needed to flip it, I could probably break even. If it turned out to be some crazy experimental stuff, I'd make big money. If anything though, if it turns out to be nothing special, I'll use it when playing OPFOR.
  3. Thanks! Good suggestion! Oh paging kammo-man! (link sent via PM) ETA: Or not. his inbox is full.
  4. Yup, I ventured outside my knowledge base and took a gamble and knew that was probably on the high end. If anything, I'll wear it for the upcoming OPFOR rotations I have.
  5. $200. Okay not really. $30. Which may be a little high, but I figured I'd take a gamble. If it turned out to be a stinker, I'm out less than a decent dinner for two. If it's some super neat experimental piece, then I'll clear a decent profit. Either way, if no one wants it, I'm happy just hanging on to it. Thanks for everyone's input! Still on the search for a definitive answer.
  6. So a guy brought this by my gunshow booth... Asking if I'd be interested. I figured I'd take a gamble. At first glance I thought it was a surplus store special. The guy I bought it from, (dealt with him before, everything has been legit, no reason to this he is FOS) said that he had a buddy that was in the marines check it out, and said that he saw a bunch of force recon types running around in it for a short time in the 80s at Lejeune. There are ghosts of a BOS and name tape, a left shoulder patch, and a shield type patch on the left pocket. Seems more consistent with maybe an AF type
  7. Any "assault weapons" laws are a mess and need to not exist
  8. That's awesome And neat story, I went through basic at Benning with the now sister unit, the 198th.
  9. Out of curiosity, why did the PM spend time in club fed?
  10. polecat

    Sniper BDU

    Totally aware, just pointing out that I'm aware "combat patch" is a bit of a misnomer.
  11. polecat

    Sniper BDU

    Just to play devils advocate... Governors 20 tabs can't be worn on title 10/fed AD as to my understanding. But I have never seen a sniper tab authorized. Who knows.
  12. polecat

    Sniper BDU

    Yeah, I know it's a bit of a misnomer since there are dudes with "combat patches" that didn't qual for a CIB, CMB, or CAB, or were working SECFOR missions with literally zero combat in country. Just clarifying the acronym to make sure we were on the same page. And yeah, I'm thinking maybe confusion between EIB/CIB.
  13. polecat

    Sniper BDU

    SSI-FWTS? Is that the official fancy lingo for combat patch? If so, I've seen it. Fairly common with dudes that went to Korea but never got a "deployment"
  14. I came across about 30 of the unused, never filled, packaging for this exact meal. Sold off most of them, but kept some. I'll dig them out and post pics so you can see the inside.
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