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  1. Bonjour. Museum of the seaplane in Biscarosse France.
  2. Bonjour. https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plan_Marshall
  3. The picture was taken at my house.
  4. World War 1 Ned. There was no cover for the rifles. It's just cover-bolt. Unfortunately, no date, no place, no unity. I will say it is winter 1918. Marcheville: I think these covers were used in the back and for travel. At the front, they were not used. The sniper scopes were carried in leather cases. America's Munitions 1918-1919- page 166; Note the gunner's belt !
  5. Bonjour. Red arrow = Gun cover chauchat M1915. Geen aroww = Gun cover .03/B.A.R. ? Solcarlus
  6. Je vous remercie pour les infos. Sol
  7. Bonjour. Can you tell me what the three holes are for on the edge of this M1917 helmet? Merci Sol.
  8. Bonjour. The date, on the lame, is a error of the manufacturer. The sheath is not suitable for the wearing of A.E.F. troops. The model of this bayonet is 1917 not 1918. It is the date of this model that must be inscribed. No P17 in the A.E.F. Sol.
  9. Merci Doyler. On ne saura jamais...
  10. Bonjour. If I understand correctly, it is a civil fabrication. Not CCC. Not BSA. Not QMC. CMTC? Merci.
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