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  1. That medic helmet at the top looks like an EasyGreen...
  2. Where did you find this piece, and how much did you invest in it?
  3. I do see the background argument here, but I doubt Osama and his co-horts are sitting in their cave surfing eBay for the latest technology. If one looks at the massive amounts of arms,weaponry, and other non-classified military gear (like infrared, flak vests, etc) that OUR government actually exports each year, then one surely will change his outlook on this situation. For example, do you think the US kept/has current inventory of the equipment used in Desert Storm that it lent to its allies, such as the Kuwaitis?? Furthermore, I would say that most of the militaria eBay sales in que
  4. I would have to agree with you, and date this piece to around the WWI era. The same style of ring had a widespread use in WWII as well, however I've never come across a WWII ring with the "World War Service" at the top. Most of the WWII era rings either had an army, navy, distinctive unit insignia, or sweetheart motif on the top. Is the ring sterling or plate?
  5. I've seen this style of flight helmet used in both the navy and air corps branches. This particular style is usually attributed to the US Navy. Here is a link that shows the helmet, goggles, and oxygen set-up http://www.flightgear.ch/USN_NAF_1092_W.html
  6. What is the round cased object to the bottom left of the trunk in the picture?
  7. I love how all the responses come from you 40-70 somethings. If ANYTHING, it is not the teachers nor the students fault, no matter their political affiliations. Each college in my state has at least a few history/poli sci courses a semester, that are always full. The "History of the Cold War" class offered next semester was full in 5 minutes!!! The reason that these classes are being overlooked is because of the economy and current social values. It's not the 1950's anymore kids!! Citizenship stops at 5th grade. The focus instead shifts on how you can become a contributive member to t
  8. Yes, it is quite normal for navy jumpers to be embroidered on the inside. This was especially popular for Navy men stationed in Japan and the Asian theater. They would also get the cuffs embroidered with elaborate designs such as dragons and mermaids. These cuffs came to be called "liberty cuffs" because the embroidering would have to be done when the men were granted time off of the ship, aka liberty. Embroidery on navy jumpers continued even into Korea and Vietnam.
  9. There is something that I don't understand... Why do most of the collectors on here have just closets full of stuff? Especially closets full of uniforms?? Why do you need so many?? You always claim to "preserve" history by amassing these unnecessarily large collections, but I hardly find justification in that. The only people who enjoy and get to see these uniforms are you, your wife, dog, and an occasional school group if you do that sort of thing. For example, 37th guy.... Honestly, I see 20 WWI uniforms in one picture that look EXACTLY alike. While I realize there are many b
  10. Most unmarked wings have some origins in private jewelers, as I think this piece is. There really wasn't a government contract for this type of item in that era, so you may want to look at where the soldier was stationed to get an idea of the maker.
  11. I like how you research and display each item. I see most collectors with just closets full of uniforms and memorabilia. I like the smaller collections, like yours, that have higher quality items and are displayed magnificently. Just wondering... what did MOH's sell for when it was legal to sell them? What could you expect for one overseas, today??
  12. I think Gary hit this one on the head. "Crushers" really aren't the actual hat itself, merely a style. While some were made specifically for this purpose, what's to discredit a cap thats had the band removed if it was used for the same purpose and looks the same? I think what you should really focus on is the style of bills on the caps as a defining characteristic. The hats should be defined with a name that describes the bills, instead of the style, as some people prefer the "true crushers" to have the thin, pliable bill.
  13. I wanted to identify an apparently low appraisal of an item, so that other members and guests were clear on a valid price range. I don't know what "show" you are talking about, but all the ones I've seen recently at shows are starting a steady increase. I'm sure they are out there, but not enough to justify the $10 price. The only place you will find a $10 cap is at a flea market...
  14. The knife is a WWII era MK2 knife, most commonly associated with the naval branches. The leather scabbards are getting more difficult to acquire in good shape, as yours is. A very nice find!
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