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  1. Hi, I am looking for a London Bridge Trading escape and evasion pouch, to take on a mission trip to Africa. I have seen some pictures of it, but do not know what it is called. Anyone have one or know where to buy it? Do you know what the product number is? Like for example LBT 1961A ? Here are some pictures I found. Thanks! http://www.flickr.com/photos/sci-figal/set...57629338456789/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/sci-figal/set...57629338202217/
  2. Well I just checked the one I bought, and it says Belt, Individual Equipment, Nylon, LC-2 SP0100-00-D-EC58 ...then the NSN and Mississippi Industries for the Blind. it has a 2001 dated buckle and I think that the Sp0100-00- is the year 2000? I bought it outside an Army base but it was in VG condition, they had a few of them there... Oh and also I looked at a m16 mag pouch I have that is the same shade of green and it is from 2000 also
  3. Hi, I was wondering about the LC2 pistol belts in foliage green and OD. I have seen these and bought one with foliage green webbing and a black side release fastex buckle, snap adjustment, and was wondering when the foliage green ones were introduced. I heard 2003 to match the ACU's. Does anyone know anything about the OD green ones? That is the one I want to get, as most of the pouches I see are OD not foliage or whatever that color is. Is there a place to buy them online or a seperate NSN or something? Thanks!!
  4. Maybe the end was twisted from someone throwing it? maybe a kid?
  5. I heard gerber changed the steel on these from 12c27 or something to 440 steel. Any idea what that one is?
  6. Cool knife! Any idea how the engraving was done? Looks almost like a typewriter.
  7. Ya, leave it as is. Some collectors would be interested Im sure.
  8. If the bore has been threaded you MAY be able to get it recrowned, but if the threads go too far into the barrel, you need a new one. Look at kreiger barrels or criterion barrels.
  9. Nice find, good job tracking down the marrige stuff. Was she married during the war or after?
  10. Look up fair use, as long as you arent saying their yours I am pretty sure its fine.
  11. Just look in second hand shops and thrift stores, they probably wouldn't go to the trouble of getting fakes.
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