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  1. Thanks to everyone that commented. I appreciate it. The Vet, not so much. No matter what I tell him, he still thinks the 1917 is worth $30k. And that all of the his other items are up there in price even though not authentic. Oh well, I gave it a shot to give him the best information I could gather with everyone's assistance here. He said he will call Jay Leno, and that surely he would see the value in his collection. I told him if Jay didn't step up, I would still help him sell what he wished to sell.
  2. Thank you, I will check it out. Thank you for the input. Appreciate the suggested values. I'm going to talk to him tomorrow and run the range of values I have received on the USMF, and other sties. I guess, it's a matter of coming up with the high end price and putting them on the market. If he can actually split up the collection and sell individually. Thanks again.
  3. Here's the link to the whole collection on the other thread related to this topic: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/322587-korean-war-vets-collection-estimate-of-value/&do=findComment&comment=2592813
  4. I know a Korean War Vet that is getting to the point where he needs to sell his collection. Two items he has are a semi-auto M1917 and semi-auto M1919. He was telling me that he thought that the M1917 was worth between $25k and $30k. Seemed high to me. On the forum where I listed the whole collection, I was told that due to the fact these are semi-autos registered in California that they would not command the high price of a full auto MG. One suggestion was that a full auto 1917 would be maybe $20k and semi-auto would be closer to $3,500. Quite a difference, so thought I would post
  5. The kids were happy, and there were high fives all around: Here's what they looked like in one piece: Here's a couple of shots of the '43 MBT trailer: It's all together now. Mostly, I am on a mission now to get the Carryall done as I am really excited to work on the Dodge VC1.
  6. Hi Kay, I have a couple irons in the fire so to speak. I took some time this last year and restored a 1943 Willys MBT trailer. I was thinking of posting a thread on that showing the start to finish. I might do that over the holidays. I have been working on a 1941 Dodge WC26 Carryall. I had thought about a thread on that as well. Here's a couple of photos. This is what it looked like when I adopted it: Here's what it looks like now: Actually, I have most of the chassis completed: I also picked up a 1942 Dodge WC57 Command Car for restoration:
  7. You know, after about five years or so years I have less than 200 miles on it. Most in the first month of completing. It has been years since I have really driven it. With work and my other projects, I find that my real enjoyment when I have a Saturday free is the restoration of these historic vehicles. Finished my Command Car a couple years ago, and I think I just broke 100 miles on it. Once again, busy working on another vehicle when I get any free time at home.
  8. Been some time since I posted a photo of the GPW. I finally completed the '43 Willys MBT trailer project, so brought it out with the GPW for a little display today. Plus, Ralphie has been bugging me for some time to get the GPW out of the garage, so I finally acquiesced and made it happen today:
  9. I think this has been posted before a few times, but still a great vintage film dedicated to the Jeep:
  10. Looks very nice! I would be interested in your serial number and date of delivery as well.
  11. Well, next time you see it you can sign it. I did give you credit for the bracket earlier in the thread. Fit like a glove!
  12. That's funny! Here are a couple of reference photos. Would hope mine turn out as nice as these: Here's a Dodge WC22: Dodge WC63
  13. Thank you Ron! Hi Mikie, Thank you! Yes, it's hard to believe that that was almost one year ago now. They just had the 2017 show in Cleveland, Oh. I would have loved to drag the CC there, but just could fit it in. It's rare and nice to have the show out here in CalifornIA. Actually, I really like the Red Cross Clubmobiles. I really think that would be a project I could sink my teeth into: Hi Kat, Thank you. The beach sounds great right about now. We finally snapped our streak of 100 plus degree days at 19. Just for a day or two as another lo
  14. Thank you! It has been a fun project. I really enjoyed the research aspect of the radio cars of the era. I don't think there is another as complete as this. And if there is, I wish it woulda popped up, so I coulda copied it!
  15. Thanks to Robin on this forum for making me the replica speaker box holder. Also, one can see the upper shock mount for the transmitter. The receiver shock mounts are tough to see:: Also installed the now painted doors for the first time. I have only seen the doors in a rendering in a manual, but I think these look pretty decent. The latches on eye bolt locks work great. I now need a rod to insert through the eye bolts to allow for the locking of the cabinet: Of Course, I had to stencil my work: Just a few more little things to do at this point:
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