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  1. The pieces I have seen so far are all dated early 60s. Never saw opfor from the 50s. I think some of the stuff they used in the 50s was black dyed german stuff or US uniforms.
  2. Here is my latest find. A nice 1960s aggressor set. Helmet is a converted ww2 liner. The whole uniform was meant to have a Soviet style.
  3. Great Setup! Love the tent! I have one, too! Pain in the rear to set up but great design! You have the complete wood poles? Also the rare middle one that goes to the front?
  4. The US stamp was the first thing that made me think. But are there actually any pictures in use?
  5. Good Morning! Thank you for all your comments! I will return the knife to the seller.
  6. I recently acquired this bolo knife. I never saw one or handled one before. So this is for review. Is this correct construction for it? The sheath looks a bit too soft compared to my woodman pals etc. Is that the way they were constructed? Material feels like a very soft canvas. What would be the rough date for this?
  7. Several forum members have contacted me if I want to sell the boonie. What is a fair price for this boonie?
  8. It was not really a grouping. More a pile of different OG107 items from the 1970s. And I do not think that they belong together in any way.
  9. Wow! I am quite surprised! So what time frame would that be? Is that a specific SOG item? or was it also worn by other units? Please excuse my ignorance but this SOG is not my field of collecting
  10. I have bought a 60s era Grouping recently and that boonie came with it. I dot know anything about SOG but the boonie looks like the ones that were worn. I personally think its a repro because how big are the chances that it is a real one. However, it is a tiny size and a real signal panel was used for the lining. So the question is, if there were other forces who used a similar style hat?
  11. That looks good! So then the hunt is on. Sometimes you find nice modified hbts from the 1950s. Seems as if there is not a big demand for these but I always liked these kind of post war uniforms. What kind of caps would go with that?
  12. O.k. so now I would be looking for nice 1950s 11th Airborne items to create a nice maneqin. What kind of trousers would have been worn by airborne troups? OG107s?
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