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    Vietnam made Scout Dog and Combat Tracker scrolls and pocket patches<br />Vietnam made LRRP,LRP,Ranger scrolls<br />WW2 10th Mountain items<br /><br />also anything related to the Army's mountain warfare school and cold weather mountain school. Any items related to 3/72nd infantry regiment (Mountain)
  1. looks just like Iraq one i have. how ever not to far off from Afgan one i have made. Id do a search and see if the 45th has been to both theaters of operation. My guy says its Iraq.
  2. if you wanna sell that jungle jacket I am in !
  3. Just curious if any one has any info on this patch ? Is it a fantasy unit ? I had little luck with google. http://cgi.ebay.com/US-Army-101st-Airborne...=item33662ba7be
  4. whats the start time on this show? price for admission?
  5. our cops in the city here wear that after they attend the police officers motorcycle school.
  6. Just a correction Corpsman all come from the USN and are sent to the Marines not the other way around. As far as the shirt, nice find
  7. that was kind of my thought on it two. I have two of these that I know are original and they dont look like this at all!
  8. Hello All Looking for some opinions on authenticity of this scroll based on the construction. I am very torn with this one. item
  9. Its the US. Army transportation school SSI
  10. Hey Folks, I know this is kind of a necro post. But since I am actually part of the 86th IBCT, namely the 3/172 Infantry regiment (Mountain) figured id comment on this. We just got back in the beginning of December after a year long deployment. We have been wearing this patch since Late 2006 early 2007 when the 86th IBCT (Mountain) was created under the Armys restructuring plan of IBCT's. We are the only mountain specific IBCT in the Army's tool box. The 10th Mountain is light infantry. Before we wore this patch the unit wore the first army patch with the mountain tab. At the t
  11. most of those fakes are coming from ranger jones on ebay.
  12. My main area of collecting is scout dog and combat tracker teams scrolls. These look good, but its hard to tell from the pictures. RangerJones aka Rich Jones is a good guy and most of his stuff is real. He did recently get a collection of stuff that had some fakes that were made on the west coast by some guy. I happen to be one of the buyers of a set of scrolls. They looked 100% until you looked on the back and the material was a rip off tiger stripe material. Jason
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