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    Primary Interest - WWII Aviation (US & Allies)
    Thearter of Operations - ETO
    Particular - 8th AF
    Specifics - 490th BG, 4th FG, Eagle Squadrons
    Other Interests - US Naval Aviation, Flying Tigers (AVG), 1st Infantry Division, 31st Infantry Division.

    All interests include uniforms and field gear.

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  1. Hi eaglerunner88 Thank you for your nice comment. Yes, the uniform is Id'd. I acquired it from a good friend of Tilley's. Reade donated his Eagle Squadron items to the National Museum of the Air Force and gave much of his US items to his friend, from whom I acquired them. The grouping I have includes the Service jacket, some loose insignia, much correspondence and notes between Reade and his friend and Reade's post war Air Force MA-1 flight jacket. Here is a link to his items in the Air Force Museum. Note he also only has the DFC ribbon on this tunic. https://www.nat
  2. Thought I might add my rubberized example to the thread.
  3. Excellent Bancroft Flighter! And named to boot. Congratulations!
  4. Can't say with certainty as wings and badges are not my primary focus but have been born, raised and live in the Attleboro MA, area where many of the manufacturers were located. So in answer to your question I would say quite possibly , Balfour, Amcraft or VH Blackinton may have made all the types of badges.
  5. Can't thank you all enough for your information and insights. Greatly appreciated!
  6. Guys, many thanks for your input. Much appreciated.
  7. Picked this up today but not sure just what I have. Looked WWII period but again not sure. It measures 23" X 3" and appears to be made from a light canvas material. The attached metal rod or pin measures 6 3/4 inches and is slightly tapered on the end. Have photographed the numbers stenciled on it along with the flip side with what appears to be an AAF inspectors stamp. Anyone seen one like this or ideas what it may be. Any insights much appreciated.
  8. Just an absolutely awesome find! Congrats!
  9. This ribbon bar belonged to Reade Tilley. Reade was from Clearwater Fl, he joined the RCAF in June of 1940, arrived in the UK in April 1941 where he joined 121 Eagle Squadron in May. He was posted to 601 Squadron in April 1942 where he was one of the daring pilots that flew a Spitfire off the deck of the USS WASP to reinforce Malta. When in Malta he was posted to 126 Squadron. Reade became a 7 victory Ace while flying with the RAF in Malta, earning the British DFC, which was presented to him at Buckingham Palace in October 1942. Also in October Reade transferred to the USAAF where he was assi
  10. Sorry to hijack your thread. But does anyone know a source for the mattresses? Have a bed, need a mattress. Thanks!
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