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  1. Here's another metal pre-1941 USN visor hat insignia. It's hallmarked by BB&B and has a separately applied rope. The 1928 BB&B catalog advertised the metal devices for sale in three different sizes.
  2. Great wing! Wildcat123 was correct that the serial number was assigned to a pre-July 1940 enlistee. I searched the NARA enlistment database using a "0" as the first digit of the serial number, and it turned up the right vet. Edward R. Smith, ASN 06859830; enlisted on March 4, 1940
  3. Here's an embroidered ribbon set with two Occupations ribbons. The black/white to the viewer's left represents German occupation, and the red/white to the viewer's left represents Japanese occupation.
  4. Here are a couple of Navy squadron plaques I have: HC-2, dated 1968 A very nice multi-piece VX-5
  5. WWII vintage with an OD border and white back:
  6. Hi Frank, Thanks for the information! I really appreciate it. After digging around a little more on the internet, it appears the Institute of Heraldry assigned Sugarman the manufacturer's code S-1 and S-12. Since this badge isn't stamped with one of those hallmarks, I would estimate it most likely dates from the mid - late 1950's.
  7. I agree that it's not WWII vintage engraving. However, since the European Campaign and Army of Occupation medals are 1980's - 1990's vintage reissues, it's possible that the engraving dates from the same time.
  8. I recently picked up this Marine Corps pistol expert qualification badge, but I'm not familiar with the hallmark on the back. It's just an "S" in a shield. Does anyone know which manufacturer it represents? Thanks in advance!
  9. They look like Reserve Officer's Association on the left, and State of New Jersey WWI service medal on the right.
  10. Here's another Pasquale hallmark on a rank insignia. In addition to "PASQUALE S.F.", it's also marked "SILVER" in slightly larger letters.
  11. Here are some from the 45th Infantry Division. Early - mid-1920's: Sorry, the requested page does not exist. Late 1920's - Korean War: Sorry, the requested page does not exist.
  12. Is it just my computer, or is the Institute of Heraldry showing black as the center color of the Cuban Pacification ribbon? The center stripe should be tannish/olive in color. I have a length of the mystery ribbon that came with a group of WWII vintage items, but unfortunately I don't know what it is either. Here's a comparison with the Cuban Pacification ribbon:
  13. Interesting topic! Here's one that was on a pre-WWII 45th Infantry Division (OK National Guard) uniform that sold on eBay a year or two ago, although it's actually just a trimmed Federal service stripe sewn onto a piece of khaki cloth, which was then sewn to the sleeve. It's the closest I've seen to a National Guard service stripe in use on a uniform.
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