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  1. I think its a cold weather hood and the loops with snaps are meant to go around the sweatband in an M-1 liner to keep it and the helmet in place when being worn. We still use these out at chevron but of course, the loops go around the sweatband of a plastic hardhat.
  2. I dont know about value but I call dibs on the first shot at it!!!!!
  3. Okay then, its deff not cold weather related. My second guess then would be it was used as padding under his O2 mask. The more i looked at the pic, it looks like you can see where the seal of the mask sat on top of the added piece. Im guessing maybe he just didnt like the mask feeling tight against his face? Or being in the Pacific, maybe he was avoiding sunburn of the nose.
  4. Honestly my guess would be that he was using this as a shield from the cold at high altitudes. There were leather and wool face masks that were made for the fly boys, usually bomber crew members, but Im thinking maybe his idea pre dates the cold weather face masks before they saw action. If we knew that the man was on a bomber this would make a lot more sense. Very nice non the less.
  5. That is an awesome pic!!!! If you ever want to part with it let me know! I would be willing to bet though that it says "Betty Joe". Looks like the guy is only blocking one letter. Good luck on your search.
  6. Thank yall so much for the nice comments, it means so much to me and my family. It has been hard but I know things will get better in time.
  7. Thank you Dirk, it is very much appreciated.
  8. Hi Frank, my Great Grandfathers name was Charles Caldwell. I am not having such a great day yall, my Mother passed away this afternoon from her fight with liver cancer. We decided to have them take her off of life support and it was the worst decision I ever had to be a part of making. Please, if yall could send prayers to my family, they are greatly needed. Thank yall.
  9. Yeah I left the back alone, honestly I just cleaned it with a toothbruch and water and a polishing rag. I decided not to use the jewelry cleaner on it after I saw that It was looking good just with the water and rag. God I feel like crap now, Im so mad at myself.
  10. HAHAHA Loco my MAN!!!!! Good to see ya brosif!
  11. Thanks man for the welcome back! Well here are some new pics of it and it came out awesome! Used my wifes jewelry cleaner and man what a difference! These seem to be as close up as I can take though.
  12. Any idea on value guys? I am thinking about selling it to help with our money issues.
  13. Thanks Darrell, The clasp is the type that you close the pin on it straight down and then you take your thumb nail and slide the little loop over until it is open, then slide it back to close it, dont know if my faint detail helped or not, lol.
  14. Well, guys let me first say that I am glad to be back. I have been out of collecting for some time now due to trying to get a house, my Mother being diagnosed with Cancer and going to school and working full time. Long story short, me and my wife are moving into what was my grandmothers house. We have been remodeling it and came across a small jewelry box that had this EGA in it. There was a note in the box that said Marine Pin givin to Dad from friend. My great grandfather was a Navy Corpsman during WW1. My question is, what can yall tell me about this EGA? The only thing I see stamped
  15. So what are your plans for it? Got a nifty little project there, great job!
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