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  1. When I see this 508th RCT patch I always associate it with Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis in the movie JUMPING JACKS (1952) I was told some of the movie was filmed at Benning. They do wear the 508th RCT and this type of Ike in the movie.
  2. In the 1980's I did military presentations for younger school children. The young ones really liked this guy. It's a life size "doll" that my wife found at a yard sale. Very lite so easy to transport. Poseable too, so he could ride in the back seat of my car and give everyone a salute as we went by. For serious display I prefer the headless torso manikin. Let the uniform speak for itself.
  3. REAL MC COYS 2ww REPROS JACKETS? Sounds like this is what you are looking for. The Real McCoy's NZ Ltd. P.O. Box 4285 Christchurch, New Zealand www.realmccoys.co.nz.
  4. BRAVO . . . Super Collection ! ! !
  5. Over 50 years of patch collecting and it's new to me. Looks like the olla is suspended over a fire and I can smell the Frijoles De Olla so I will guess a cook wore this one.
  6. cloth version of the 335th Field Artillery distinctive insignia
  7. Sorry bout that! Looks like a 1950s US made to me. Poor quality patch, not made to hold up under a lot of washings. Not something I would want either. BUT. . . if you do a Google search for ANDERSON AIR ACTIVITIES you will find that they ran a USAF pilot training school at Malden Air Base from 1951 to 1960 and it was the 3305 Pilot Training Group. AAA and 3305 PTG ? Color is right too? Perhaps made for the school and never worn. . . Who knows ?
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