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  1. Unfortunately you may be looking for a needle in a stack of needles.
  2. He might be a member here or at least checks in from time to time. He fits right in with Rick of Pawn Stars.
  3. Another thing to consider is that this being a jacket from a tailor in Colorado and looks to be hand dated 9/44, it would be a stretch for it to have made it to England and or Holland at that time. I would also expect it to show evidence that it had all the ribbons, jump wings, CIB, PUC, and officers collar and rank insignia on it. He states it shows no evidence of any of that having been on it. No sir! Run far and fast.
  4. Man, this jacket looks BAD. Lillyman was from Skaneateles, NY and this jacket was tailored in Colorado. The 101st patch is post war if its original at all. The Pathfinder torch also looks to be a repro. All the insignia looks to have been freshly sewn. No "shadow" or imprint on the inside. The seller isn't playing up that it supposedly was Frank Lillymans jacket. If it really was his he would have posted more about him. It's purposely vague. Why do people continue to buy from this seller? I'd cringe everytime he popped
  5. Agreed that the bidding is insane on them. Getting locked down? That's why it's a good idea to have several accounts!
  6. Has anyone noticed that since the Covid scare that eBay seems to be letting the sale of Purple Hearts and other items go through to completion? I'm sure it's due to them working from home. So if you have some you want to sell or buy, belly up folks!
  7. I took a look at the engraving on the reverse of this medal and find it to be sloppy and not like any official hand engraving that I have seen. Thoughts? Not sure if this belongs in this section or not. I didn't want to step on the sales post.
  8. Pathfinders from the 504th participated in Normandy.
  9. The digitizing shows in the chute, the face, the bayonet and the rifle, among other places.
  10. Yeah, this is not an original WWII clicker. I'd like to see if it is stamped Acme on the front just for s and giggles. But yes, it's not a good one.
  11. Reproduction. It should have a thumb depression. If ground Dug the steel clicker would be rusted away. If I recall correctly the chrome ones had a factory made single hole. This one is no bueno!
  12. That window was actually designed and built by a guy from right here in Arizona. I've been there several times and met him here when I came back home.
  13. Assuming this has the typicle black brooch.
  14. In trying to figure out what stamped numbers are to which manufacturer I have this question? Did the US Mint make the crosses in the 19k range or did Medallic Arts? Does the "45*" represent the year manufactured? "US Mint, 13644 - 28870 (45* Wrap Brooch)" "Medallic Art Co. produced the second run of numbered WWII DSCs under P.O. 10408 of January 20, 1943. These crosses have a wrap brooch, a large diameter suspension ring, and are numbered on the (viewer's) right side of the lower cross arm. The lowest number I've seen from this contract is 141xx and the highest is 214xx."
  15. Fantastic reference and photos Frank. So, a high 19xxx wrapped brooch cross is a Medallic Arts piece or is it US Mint? Thank you
  16. It should also be noted that when it came to Airborne units on D-Day it was decided to award EXTREMELY few DSCs per Airborne Division.
  17. It looks like the area it's engraved on was recently cleaned as it doesn't match the rest of the patina. Might be shenanigans going on with this one.
  18. Found this DFC. It has a slot brooch but the planchet has sort of a brushed look to it. Don't know if the photo shows what I mean. It's subtle but it does look different than the backs of others I've seen. Is it a WWII planchet? Thank you!
  19. That doesn't appear to be an official engraving style for WWII?
  20. Well, eBay keeps ending these auctions and I keep picking them up at bargain prices. The only way eBay will stop with their misinformed policy is to inundate them with emails, letters, etc and explain the law to them as well as send them proper info in a respectful way.
  21. I contacted the Goodwill store and gave them more information on the recipient. They have been offered $20 to $1200 for the medal. They are trying to reunite it with a family member. I told them in many cases the family just doesn't care about these things and they wind up in the trash. They have also been contacted by a few people trying to pull a fast one by misrepresenting themselves. Things like this brings out the worst in people.
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