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  1. A dealer refers to it as Huyet that came from Viet-Nam. He said that his the native word for it. He has a beret for sale in this Nha Trang brush stroke pattern, along with 3 cowboy hats. I sure would love to buy a remake of this pattern. I think it looks great, even it would only be a copy. I really like the Monster pattern, too, as well as tiger patterns like Maharajah and Zig Zag. Does anyone have some of that here? I look in the two tiger threads.
  2. Ok, so how far back does the Malaysian Brush stroke pattern go? It is referred to as Huyet. Brush pattern is about my favorite, along with the Okinawan patterns. Is Maharaja tiger an Okinawan pattern? I love Zig-Zag, too.
  3. It is not ok to mention who someone bought something from? I'm not trying to steer the talk about a dealer. Thanks.
  4. That beret was owned and sold by Mihn. I made a remark about another one in the same pattern on another post thinking it was Minh's that he sold, but it was this one.
  5. You bought this one from Minh, didn't you. He had one of these for sale.
  6. You have over 12,000 posts. I'm not going to go page-by-page to try and find it.
  7. Ok, I did a site-wide search and Monster only came up 3 times and they were from this section, since they were mentioned here. Can someone just post a pic? I'm not worried about Minh and I figured someone would be too diplomatic to agree with me, that his stuff is most likely fake.
  8. Check your posts in this thread? Does anyone have similar thoughts or experiences with this Vietnamese guy named Minh?
  9. Sorry. In post #12, in the picture on the right, what is the name of the camo the guy on the left is wearing? It looks kinda like Nattic Labs. About the video I mentioned, I don't know how to capture a picture of the hat he is wearing. Can I post a link to the video in this thread?
  10. What is the camo pattern that guy on the left is wearing? Also, there is a 4-part on YouTube called "The Secret War In Laos". On part one, at 9:09 in the film, there is an Asian wearing a camo patterned boonie I am not familiar with. ?
  11. Hello. I love the Brush Stroke pattern, especially the Malaysian M70 and the different colorways. I was asking about this particular pattern and was told that the guy named Minh who owns a militaria website, is a fraud and that all his items are fraudulent and that this particular pattern is a fraud. The more questions I asked about rare patterns, the more this guy got pissed off at me and told me that he didn't have time to educate me, that I was just a newbie he didn't have time to waste on. After this, I broke off communication with him. I know this pattern is a real, made-in-Viet-Nam patte
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