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  1. Leigh and Kurt, Thank you for the very useful information about my late uncle's POW experience. I guess the bottom line is that I really can't be sure what any POW museum will do with what I send them. At this point, if I'm not confident in what will happen, I will hold on to what I have. Actually, I never asked my two children if they would like to keep this part of our family history. Thanks again. Sam
  2. My late uncle, Paul P. Levy, was born in 1905. He was drafted into the Army at age 37 in April, 1942 and arrived in the ETO in November, 1942. In Feb., 1943 Pfc Levy’s family was notified that he was reported missing in action in in North Africa and one month later they learned that he was a prisoner of the German government. Uncle Paul spent 28 months in a German P.O.W. camp before being liberated at the end of the war. Paul was a lifelong bachelor and lived the rest of his life in an apartment with his older bachelor brother. I never had the opportunity to talk to Uncle Paul about his wartime experience before he died in 1961. However, a short time before Paul’s older bachelor brother died in 1984 he gave me a cigar box filled with a combination of official military records of Paul’s Army experience, some of his very personal items and some of his family’s correspondence with the US military at the time of his capture. What is interesting is that some of these items were saved by the family at the time Paul was captured and others are POW and other items that Paul kept after he was liberated. Pictures of some of the items I discussed are shown in the following Photobucket file which you should be able to access by clicking on the following URL while holding down the Control button: https://s832.photobucket.com/user/getsnaps/slideshow/Uncle%2520Pauls%2520WW2%2520POW%2520experience%25206%252019?sort=9 A friend of mine who is interested in military history contacted various military archives and provided some confirmation of the dates of his capture and location of the German POW camp. I would like to donate this package of info to an organization that will keep (and perhaps display) these items as a tribute to my Uncle’s experience. Can anyone help me to contact an organization that will help to preserve what I consider a very personal family experience? Sam
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