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    My specific interest is the U.S.S. Savannah, CL-42 and all facets of her U.S. Navy service time both in peacetime and in war.

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  1. Hands down... U.S.S. North Carolina, BB-55. Regards, FRISCAN
  2. Thanks for your time and information Bluejacket! Kind Regards, FRISCAN
  3. Okay I've got a two quick questions... 1. When did the U.S. Navy/Marines begin going to the 1/2 inch ribbon bars? and 2. When did the plastic coating process on the U.S. Navy/Marines ribbons begin? Thanks for your time and consideration, FRISCAN
  4. What do you guys think on an early example for a PO2 of a Utilitiesman rating circa, 1948 - 1950? This example is red felt on blue melton. Regards, FRISCAN
  5. Can anyone post pics of the various styles of blankets issued to the U.S. Navy from the 1930's to late WWII? I'm sure there were various contracts and manufacturers during this period but, trying to ascertain which is pre-war and which is wartime/late WWII for those of use collecting gear for naval impressions out there, this would be helpful to know what is correct and what doesn't fly as period correct. I've seen examples claimed to be WWII that are all white. The examples I've seen(all are white) but, the U.S. Navy's vary... one was with just a blue outlined "U.S.N.", another with a blue
  6. I'm going to use this(My) soapbox for a good cause. I've been working at the Ships of The Sea Maritime Museum here in Savannah, Georgia since last July. I've been instructed by my curator to forward this request for assistance if possible. We are currently looking to build our archives centered around the Brooklyn-class light cruiser U.S.S. Savannah, (CL-42). If anyone knows of veterans, family members who had, friends who had relatives that served aboard her at any time during her years in service(1938-1947). We'd like for you to get in touch with us. If there is any accounts, doc
  7. I have the manual for the 5" In., /.38 Cal. Gun, Single Mount lol. I couldn't pass it up for $30 + $5 Sh. Its '43 dated. I'll take a look around on line for them. Thanks. Regards, FRISCAN
  8. If you guys haven't run across this website... I HIGHLY recommend it. It'll give you REALLY good reference material for anything spanning from the various types of Weapons Technology to Tables of Organization to the various forms of Naval Technology along with Naval Reunions and a Discussion Forum... You can find all this at... http://www.navweaps.com/ Enjoy and Regards, FRISCAN
  9. Thanks a TON Sig! As to the Turret Captains... I'm really do not know whether they were assigned to her. What rosters I have (which are incomplete) bear out so far that there were no Turret Captains aboard. Would you happen to know where I may be able to easily locate the RTM's for the GM's and Seaman? Regards, FRISCAN
  10. Topdcnut, The casualty roster doesn't show what mounts they were assigned too. However, they would have been held solely to the first three forward turrets as they suffered specifically in the damage suffered at Salerno. Also, the vast majority of those three turrets were manned by S1c and S2c personnel... they comprise the bulk of the killed. Sigsaye, So, if there are no Turret Captains, it would be the senior most GM1c that would assume the roll and do the job of a Turret Captain in the absence of a Turret Captain? Guys, I want you all to know I REALLY appreciate the help in this matter
  11. You know the U.S.S. Savannah took part in the neutrality patrols and in early North Atlantic convoy duties as well. I wonder if she had camouflage like the U.S.S. Philadelphia? Interesting article on the U.S.S. Philadelphia coming home... moreso for the photo, she's sporting a LOT of her modernized upgrades she wouldn't have sported in '43, more so as in if she were in '44 - '45. The other thing is she was commissioned in 1937... so that would have been over more than five years... five years for the U.S.S. Philadelphia would have been 1942. I'm wondering if the newspaper just grabbed a pictu
  12. Interesting the U.S.S. Philadelphia(CL-41) and the U.S.S. Savannah(CL-42) are two tight knit crews. They served together in many campaigns in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations. I never knew about the bow damage the Philadelphia suffered at Anzio. That is VERY interesting. The U.S.S. Philadelphia almost didn't come home at Salerno. She had a near miss with an FX-1400 Guided Bomb(Fritz X) on the 10th of Sept., '43. The FX-1400 dropped 200 yards off her port bow narrowly missing her. The U.S.S. Savannah(Philadelphia's sister) wasn't quite as fortunate on the 11th. The ruggedness of her con
  13. Well, in WWII a Turret Captain is higher than a GM1c. They have separate ratings. I've seen Ensigns doing the job of a Turret Captain on a heavy cruiser. However, a GM1c would make total sense on a light cruiser. According to the casualty list... the turrets weren't manned by many Fire Controlmen. In Savannah's case, S1c and S2c were the majority. If I'm in Turret Four as a GM1c then I'm most likely doing the job of a TC in the ships 4th Division under the Gunnery Department... correct? Regards, FRISCAN
  14. Checked the rosters... the one most telling was the casualty roster for the U.S.S. Savannah from September '43 after her bomb hit. The casualties were spread out over the Turrets One through Three. All but twelve in Turret One, all but nine in Turret Two and all of Turret Three were killed. Among the lost turret crews only six Fire Controlmen are present. The same number of Gunners Mates are also present. The vast majority of the killed amongst the three turret crews were Seaman First and Seaman Second Class many of which were spread over both the active duty Navy sailors and many who were r
  15. No torpdeos. Fire Control, not sure... I'll have to check my rosters tomorrow as they're at my workplace and see if there are any fire control men on the rosters. I suspect there are but, I'd think they'd be under their own division but, I'll check tomorrow first thing. Regards, FRISCAN
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