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  1. Geez thanks for posting this Jim! Learned something new. Pete
  2. Since the purple heart is missing the drape I would probably pass on it...
  3. The USMC was very stingy handing out valor medals especially at the beginning of the war. But this isnt a normal USMC silver star it was awarded to a paramarine. It is very hard to find officially engraved valor medals to Paramarines and Marine Raiders. They were disbanded early in the war. In this case I dont think the WIA vs KIA debate applies as much since this medal is so rare to begin with. It is officially engraved and I think that is all that matters. I should add to when it comes to trying to value the medal, the citation is a fighting citation and it is for the Guadalcanal campaign.
  4. No. It is the original awarded, unless a family member requested a duplicate at some point (no way of telling). Some Purple Heart manufacturers numbered their individual pieces, some did not. Good original piece. Pete
  5. Nobody is perfect, maybe the engraver hadnt finished their coffee yet? I feel like I have seen this pair somewhere before.
  6. Great medal! Thanks for posting and remembering this sailor! Pete
  7. Great medal... the book about the Jeannette by Hampton Sides In the Kingdom Of Ice is a great read for anyone interested in the story
  8. Very nice group and great presentation/remembrance Pete
  9. I thought the soldiers medal looked ok to me. The other two definitely private at best or added to deceive.
  10. Also not sure why I put wwii in the title haha this happened in 2017
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