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  1. Hello, I was hoping someone could let me know the date range on the 3 chevrons at the bottom of the picture. Are they all WW2 or is the Yellow striped one pre war? Thank you God Bless the USA
  2. Hello, I at first thought this was the 71st Fighter Squadron patch, but then another member suggested it was the 4th Fighter Squadron, which is definitely is. My main question is do the patch and name tag look legit? I honestly do not know anything about authenticity of leather bomber patches. Thanks God Bless the USA
  3. Randy, Thank you. I never saw that one. I would agree it is most likely that. For the other members if you could help with the authenticity of it I would appreciate it. Frank
  4. Hello, I am fairly certain this patch is a 71st fighter squadron patch, but I have a couple questions. First off I guess am I correct in my identification? Second does the patch and tag look legit? Finally searching online I found from a muster roll that the guy named to this jacket could have been in the VMF-471 MAG-45. Could that ever actually happen, being in the 71st and VMF-471? I really do not know much about fighter squadrons. Thank you God Bless the USA
  5. Wake, I was wondering about that, as all the other badges I have seen on these are the gold ones. Whats funny is the veterans estate I got it from was in the 4th Infantry in WW2. Then become a Colonel I believe stateside after the War in the 83rd Infantry Reserves into the 60s. Would that have been changed post war for that reason...?
  6. Hello, I recently picked this up at an estate sale. I have never got into headgear, but I know the Bancroft Flighters are desirable. I guess my main question is how rarer is it to have the original box with one. In case you can't tell from the pictures it is a Patent Pending one so it is actual war period from what I have read on here. Anyways hear are the pictures. Thanks God Bless the USA
  7. Hey guys, My brother sent me a picture of this today while he was out at local sales. Does the patch and stitching look right to you guys? Thanks God bless the USA
  8. Hey guys, I am lost trying to find what these two are. I am guessing the sheild one is some sort of Artillary, and the other is made a signal corps or Infantry..? I am sure someone will know right away. Thank you God Bless the USA
  9. Gil, Could you help me out with a few patches? Do any of these look legit to you? I have my doubts on most after going through the past threads you have posted, but just wanted to get your thoughts. I am out of my comfort zone with Vietnam patches. Thanks Frank
  10. Thank you guys. Any idea of the date of this one?
  11. I am out of my wheel house when it comes to Airborne stuff. Did they ever actually make real 505th PIR pocket patches? If so are they all post WWII? I have attached a couple scans of the patch I have that is in question. Any and all info is appreciated. Thanks God Bless the USA
  12. Sorry I have been a bit busy lately and haven't been able to respond. Thank you both for all the info. It is much appreciated.
  13. Hey guys, I recently picked this patch up in a smaller lot of patches and I am having a hard time finding info on it. I feel like in the past I have seen this tab but I tried finding a 2nd Infantry tab online and couldn't anywhere. Does this indeed go with the 2nd Infantry Division Patch, or is it something entirely different? Also what period do you think it is from... WW2 theater made...? Thanks God Bless the USA
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