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  1. Bill - Thanks for sharing. Its interesting to see another Boy Scout belt buckle and especially one that is older.
  2. Ben - That's the only PI Boy Scouts buckle I've ever seen to date. Based on the auction and with the backing the way it is my best guess is that it's of 1960 - 1964 era vintage. Its pretty crazy to see how many designs were made, especially the non-military ones.
  3. Here's a buckle an Instagram friend found with a WWII lot. It looks like late 50's to me but could possibly be early 60's. This one appears to be the earliest buckle I've seen to date with skull & crossbones motif. There are definitely some oval Harley buckles from the 1970's or oval Swift / Deadly ones from the 1970's as well as a couple rectangular ones. He's entertaining offers on this one but believe he's looking in the $250 range which I feel is a bit steep for this one even though it has rare subject matter. I feel on Ebay it might land somewhere in the $75 - $150 range on a goo
  4. Bill - I was going solely on the fact that the buckle is stamped Cruz*Sons on the back and with the 50/50 split style I figured the buckle was indicative of one that had to be made in the 50s but I could be wrong. Its very similar in style to the USS Ingraham buckle on the front but the back of the Ingraham buckle appears to be 60s as its got the longer keeper area to shorter belt holder section. Likely knowing the sailor's service history like you said would help to better pinpoint the date. Thanks for sharing these other buckles as the two one the top I've seen before but the t
  5. I've been intrigued by both of these PI buckles for a while. Firstly, the L.L. Devine buckle for the P-697 boat I was told was an Air Craft Rescue boat and not a PT Boat. I'm curious because I thought only PT boats hat torpedo tubes. Perhaps I'm wrong. For anybody who has watched, They Were Expendable, with the PT boats stationed out of Cavite you'd think there would be at least a few PI buckles out there for PT boat captains or crew members. On a side note it seems all PT boats I've seen have a PT-(number) on the side and this one has a P-(number) so I was just curious.
  6. Bill - That's definitely a really nice combo. I believe Bob of Vintage Productions told me that he sold that one to the now owner some years ago. I would be curious to see a picture of the back side too to see how the buckle engages with the leather belt as you don't really see the PI buckles teamed up with leather belts due to the nature of how the clamping mechanism functions.
  7. Speaking of prices $345.00 is the most I've seen any Philippines Belt Buckle fetch on Ebay to date. This buckle below was sold by Flying Tiger Antiques earlier this year after being up for sale for close to two years. It's definitely a good one with really nice engraving. Whoever got it has a really nice buckle, price aside. Just so you're aware, anything Flying Tiger has up on Ebay listed with a Buy-it-Now can be purchased for 20% less on their website; so that's always something to keep in mind. It seems like the buckle prices are really all over the board and it always dep
  8. Apparently Instagram has all hashtag links disabled through the election so for the time time being all buckles can be accessed on my main IG account link, https://www.instagram.com/philippinesbeltbucklearchive/, though you'll have to pick through a bit of non-buckle content. All links shown on the post above should be back working correctly the week of 11/09/20, all things being equal. Thanks for nothing Instagram! 👎
  9. I have been trying to catalog as many Philippines made buckles that I can find online into an easily searchable archive on Instagram and have over 650 buckles cataloged to date. You should be able to view these links on a desktop without an Instagram account but if any of the links don't work please let me know. Please note: once in each link click on the pictures to enlarge them a bit. You can also use the small white arrows as most of the buckles pictured have multiple shots, usually at least front and back and sometimes sides if there is engraving. Pics came predominantly fr
  10. Here's an interesting Kodachrome slide up on Ebay entitled: U.S. Navy Men w/ Python Snake in the Philippines in 1950's. The end guy holding the head of the snake appears to be wearing a PI buckle though the belt looks like leather and not the typical fabric or denim belts you see. I could be wrong though. I'm currently on the hunt for any 1930's - early 60's original photos showing US GI's wearing their PI buckles or PI craftsman making the buckles. It's a tough task to find any photographic history as it seems these buckles may have been stashed away and only worn on dress occ
  11. @hink441 - Wow, that's definitely a tragic story but very interesting to know the history. It seems that only a handful of these named PI belt buckles are even traceable due to the age and lack of information on the web. Its so much nicer to be able to put a face with a name and even better when you can find the GI's back story / war history / obituary info.
  12. The 80's and 90's back have a more modern webbed beck mechanism that folds over and clamps to the webbed belt. As far as the ovaled buckles are concerned it seems that they are mostly 1970's or 1980's and have the normal bar and post on the back like a majority of modern day belt buckles. Feel free to chime in or correct me but you can use the back of belt knowledge to help date a PI buckle that doesn't have a date on the front.
  13. The early 60's has a thicker cast portion characteristic of the 50's and earlier buckles but you'll see that the belt guide portion of the buckle grows longer. Also the keeper shape changes and has more of a bend and flare out. The mid to late 60s buckles through the early 70s get thinner and you can see the engraving sometimes punch through a bit to the back of the buckle.
  14. The 1950's are characterized by what I call equal swivel to equal belt guide versions. The swivel and the guide the same distances and basically divide the buckle in the back in equal parts. Secondly you have your slider variety with the twisted metal to grab into the belt webbing that I've seen mostly on Seabees buckles of the early 50's. The twisted bar replaces the knurled bar you see in the late 1940's.
  15. In the 40's you have your crude swivel variety and the baseball diamond shape belt keeper that you see in 1944 - 1946 typically. Lastly is the seldom seen slider variety, the earliest version of which I've seen is dated 1946.
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