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  1. TR, Sorry about that! My mail server for the RallyPointMilitaria.com site has been down and I was not aware of it. It's now resolved. I'll get you a tracking number for your order by Monday. Again, sorry for any confusion. Best, Chris
  2. I stopped by an estate sale this morning because there were old tools advertised. I stumbled into this WWI leather RAF flight helmet with photos, paperwork, insignia, glasses, etc. The vet (William V. Matthews) was an NCO with the 224th Aero Squadron in England. Couldn't find much info online but I will check my books when I get home. The helmet has "19" embroidered on the front. Note the "1" is styled like the union jack and the "9" is in Imperial German colors. Curious to find out what that denotes exactly.
  3. Great find! Years ago a buddy sold me a badged jacket he found in a Denver thrift identical yours but in poplin OD. I regret selling it... ---Chris
  4. Great link! Thanks for sharing. ---Chris
  5. From an online obit I found, "He served in Vietnam with the U.S. Air Force for two tours as a Forward Air Control 0-1 Bird Dog pilot over Laos with the Ravens group. He was shot down and injured behind enemy lines twice. Air America pilots rescued him each time. He was awarded the Purple Heart and Distinguished Flying Cross. Next he became a flight instructor at Craig AFB. Afterward he briefly trained as a U-2 pilot. When he left the Air Force he flew for Saudia Airlines, then Evergreen Air Freight, and finally retired from United Airlines after flying Boeing 757-767 jets. He served as ca
  6. I stopped by a nearby vintage clothing shop last week and saw this beauty on a hanger. Sold! Research revealed the vet was shot down twice in Laos and rescued by Air America both times. He received Purple Hearts and a Distinguished Flying Cross. Notice his rank insignia is removed because he was "retired" from USAF during this FAC assignment.
  7. I stopped in a local vintage clothing shop and saw this one looker on a hanger. Sold! It's been a delight researching the vet - shot down twice in Laos, rescued by Air America both times, Purple Hearts, DFC. Notice the removed rank on the shoulders as he was "retired" USAF for this assignment! Still pinching my arm on this one...
  8. Good to know. Thanks for clarifying that! --Chris
  9. I am researching a WWII veteran named Samuel S. Shaub (ASN 33500784) attached to Medical Detachment 38th Field Artillery Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division. He participated in 5 campaigns (Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace, and Central Europe) and received a Purple Heart. I am hoping someone can help with: 1. Verifying if Shaub participated in D-Day 2. A General Order # for his Purple Heart 3. Any additional info on Shaub. I only have a copy of his final pay doc and his obituary obtained online. Thanks! --Chris
  10. That A2 has everything going for it. It is beautiful! Thanks for the pics Ron. ---Chris
  11. Very cool group Paul! Congratulations. ---Chris
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