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  1. A recent acquisition, WW1 British Trench Art Ashtray. Can anyone identify the Regimental Insignia? Thanks!
  2. Hello, can anyone tell if this sword is original or a reproduction? Thanks.
  3. I picked up this wing years ago, I thought it might be a reunion item. Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. I picked up this Lion's Head Sword, 32" unmarked blade. Any help with what I have here? Thanks!
  5. WWII USMC 4th Division Hat with Medals and Dog Tags, I picked this up a while back, does anyone have any info about this Marine? Thanks!
  6. Unknown Military Dress Belt, any ideas what it is? Thanks.
  7. Hello, I picked up this USMC web pistol belt with EGA, it is plastic wrapped against rain? I do not know what vintage it is, or under what circumstance and by whom this would be worn. Thanks.
  8. Thanks Allan. Why did 99th Division guys end up in the 1st Infantry Division?
  9. Thanks Allen, here is the ike jacket they are on, double patched 1st div & 99th div, medic's badge, ETO ribbons.
  10. Hello, I need help identifying this WWII US Army Distinctive Insignia DI. Thanks.
  11. Thank you so much, the photo was given to MOH recipient Joe McCarthy USMC, it is inscribed to him and signed.
  12. I need help to ID this USMC Brigadier General, it is signed but hard to read! Thanks.
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