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  1. never like them, ( the amtracs) rip marines semper fi
  2. thanks for all the checking by members here. tattoo was very faded , cannot remember which arm, or part, will have to watch movie, you have only a second or two to see it, but i know i saw it semper fi
  3. i am not computer literate, but watching the movie cocoon, i could recall seeing an usmc tattoo on him can someone verify thank you semper fi
  4. once again this forum does the job to assist others thank you members for all the postings
  5. thank you for sharing please keep a written history of helmet to give to the future generations of your family semper fi
  6. god bless them, a very nice monument to them in 1984, i knew several raiders, one guy who went to the local deli wore a baseball cap with ww2 marine raider patch on it , when i questioned him on the cover, he said not many people knew what a usmc raider was and was surprise i knew what it was, my experience from being freinds with a few, always found them pleasant , and giving advise on life. i never thought of asking for a signature or a letter. one raider who was on the rifle team with me in the MCL, he sold me seververal capture items, i never asked for a letter, the story of obtaining these items live on with me and my kids who knew him. god bless the raiders semper fi
  7. thank you for the posting, without coffee and a little research, I can see making the mistake of BIN thank you
  8. is the net from a glass fish net float ?
  9. thank you for sharing the helmet, that happens to be one of the coolest state side duty I have ever seen, you are very lucky semper fi
  10. looks real should have been in Movie, Night in the museum, when things come alive after museum closes very well done !
  11. what a find, wow, and wow what a corpsman !
  12. very nice, unclutted
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