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  1. love the bottom shelf idea to place extra gear and ammo
  2. great helmet the wear and tear on it is real, love the old paint job on it
  3. had it on my watch list, missed the ending great helmet ! semper fi
  4. i wish every helmet had a recorded story to go with it, to me, you are keeping history alive with this helmet and news clipings when you think of the times you did things, and yet there is no recording of it, you feel great you did it, but feel something is missing that the future people would never know about how things were done to get the job done compared today doing it your helmet is super fantastic, the painted tiger is great ! semper fi
  5. interesting pouch couple of hunches is it for the old surveyor steel links ? the links where used to measure distance, they connect like a chain, they are 12 inches center to center the links have been used for 100s of years or is it for radio antenna ?
  6. that collection deserves a double WOW ! semper fi
  7. i remember an old time (ww2) marine, and collector had displaced his war belt collection on a stack of spackle cans with a usmc blankets wrapped around the white plastic cans , they were stacked 6 ft high, it looked good
  8. i have seen a nylon version at a flea market, passed on it years ago , did not think it was real
  9. the vest looks like it has the rifle sling keeper on both shoulders was this done on the salvaged rebuild models only ? i have had a number of mint ones from Korea war and vietnam, never saw sling keepers on both sides of these, only seen them on beat up vest can anyone verify it was on only rebuilds ? thank you semper fi
  10. i feel your pain check on my neighbor in april, daughter would not let me see or talk to him due to the virus, vet of ww2, code breaker army check a couple days on other neighbor ww2 navy pacific, he is still sharp at 100, also a pain in the rump, for as long as i know him, 29 years, but does not talk to outsiders other than family i know a few more, but the virus has put them into seclusion you are searching for hens teeth, sorry to say but good luck, it is the search and the roads we travel that makes up life semper fi
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