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  1. pump 150 thank you for all your work and dedication to assist in this issue thank you everyone else also for your work semper fi
  2. tough question the us govt. supply train does not run like a fine tuned V-8 welcome to helmet collecting this forum is great with assistance i am no expert anyone being in the Marines know that we were usually the last to get anything new. your questions are best answered by govt contract dates, plus please remember the Marines received items as they were necessary. this forum has alot of knowledge posted. read up on it. and what is nice here, is that things are updated as discovered with hard facts. i re
  3. the helmet looks to me it could have been used under the car frame as a jack stand or something similar one night coming home from work, i used a ammo can that i kept wrenches in as safety block while changing a front tire, sure enough the jack gave way, the can held up good except for a crease mark on one side. that was a 73 ford pick up with 2k lbs in the back
  4. wow what a find, i guess this one was not a carnival ride car i am glad it was saved semper fi
  5. your right, he joined the usmc at age 17, 1943, it was ww2, he served in the PTO now i have to figure out who i was thinking of. thank you for the correction, the article was on actors who were marine veterans thank you again semper fi
  6. i remember reading about his korean war time in the service, he was holding by himself an area for long period, eventually he sought help for stress after the war cannot find the article, but he was a hell of a tough Marine, and a great actor, its a mad mad mad mad world hope the article was not bull shi about his service time
  7. i love those old time collections, something we do not see anymore.
  8. in the 80s i was active with them. we had plenty of marines, pre ww2 , korea, very few nam marines, and very few post nam. greatest bunch of guys and gals.( yes , we had ww2 female marines ). organized picnics, funeral firing squads. rifle team, dances, parades, community relations, political relations, all good. you never know who knows who until you sit and talk. one marine grew up with my wife's mom and dad, served in ww2 and korea with my wifes uncle, dated my wife's aunt. i still go for the flag on graves memorial day, and the picnic afterwards,many new faces now, all have the
  9. were pull on tabs on boots during that time period . military or civilian ?
  10. one of a kind presentation butter knife to Monty from Patton
  11. love the bottom shelf idea to place extra gear and ammo
  12. great helmet the wear and tear on it is real, love the old paint job on it
  13. had it on my watch list, missed the ending great helmet ! semper fi
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