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  1. I can't compete with this stuff ! This stuff is just awesome.
  2. Nothing pisses me off more. I have bought numerous medals directly from the family who has no appreciation of the what they are or how they were earned. I guess these will just be sold at a yard sale or ultimately just thrown away with all the "valor" lost
  3. Very nice.. Would love to see that 29ID helmet.. I too love 29th being from Va.
  4. the liner is fine... looks great well done.
  5. This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen, Someone on the other thread was talking about the definition of an "Advanced collector" well here it is. I would like to spend a month in that building. I'm speechless.....
  6. Here are all the manuals and textbooks from Naval school...
  7. Original Western Union Telegram... I collect these too... this was a bonus.
  8. Hi all, I really appreciate all the comments... Here is the entire group from the Avenger Pilot. He was shot down and killed on his first mission. I have some unbelievable letters from his crew and captain of the USS T, regarding his death.. It is too large to describe. Maybe subject of another topic....
  9. Read it again, You'll notice I never said I was a novice... I said ANY Novice knows who Thomas is... and I knew it from the first post. You're not going to find a helmet like this in the US but you might find it in a Dutch windmill some 30 years ago No seriosuly...... Now we are talking about SS helmets on a US forum. Please.... Your intentions of derailment of the topic are quite obvious... If you want to retreat that is fine. or, if you want to talk SS helmets, lets go.... I'm saying this will all friendship. lets just stick to the helmet. Again, I personally beli
  10. Again, "101combatvet" I really don't need to know much more about the para helmet because I didn't buy it. But ANY novice could research Thomas of the 508th. so yes, I do have the ablity to research and if you read back, I do believe the helmet is real, as others do. You say it's bad because it doesn't equate to original helmets that you have seen (maybe). So, I never said anything about my "grand experience and knowledge", but you sure have... I have never said I was an experienced airborne collector. Well, As for the 3rd ID helmet, I have no idea nor do I care actually this dis
  11. How many helmets in your collection do you have proof of direct provenance for? ( that might be a bad question for you, sorry )... I don't think anyone has DIRECT Vet provenance for a KIA para helmet. like I have said over and over again, unless you get a helmet like this from the vet (good luck!) history of ownership back to the source means everything. that is all I'm saying.... You're hilarious ! .
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