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    1860-1930 U.S. army Uniforms. Named Federal Army M1902 Frocks and M1895 Officer Coats. Colorado Military History. Early Colorado National Guard items
    Also seeking Uniforms and Gear used by Americans in the Rhodesian Security Forces during the Bush War (Africa)

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  1. First one is OEF period and the insignia looks like some of the stuff made in afghanistan about this period ( 2003-4 ). Some individuals had their name in farsi under or above thier name tape and on thier hat. I was kind of curious just how accurate the translation was as when I had "Hagi" name tapes made by different shops I got back two different farsi spellings. Very cool dcu. The practice of having in country made unit insignia was pretty rare when I was over there.
  2. First item shown: (brass with glass lenses) is a drop-in eye piece for an antique microscope.
  3. Great to see more artifacts of this period. I have to admit it was watching movies when I was a kid like "The Wind and the lion" and "55 days in Peking" that has driven me in the search. Happy hunting, there is more out there.
  4. Great write up Dirk! Exceptional coat. I'm especially in awe of your small fortune in museum grade archival boxes stacked up.
  5. Well that's got to be the only WW1 Camo trunk I have ever hear of. Exceptional WW1 display piece.
  6. $300-$400. Rare, yes and very historically significant in my opinion however there is not a large collector base that collects this material . If the coat is named and can be tied to a unit that served in the Philippines maybe a bit more.
  7. Looks like a great interwar uniform to me. I have not seen reproduction post ww1 collar disks especially state examples.
  8. Often these are found out west, especially around mining areas. 100's of these would be placed in round cylinder drums and rotated along with gold ore to render the ore down to a fine powder. Referred to as ball mills and the remaining balls are are often confused for cannon balls.
  9. Standard WW1 officers overcoat of an Army 1st Lt.
  10. Very nice original civil war cap in great condition. This is what they are supposed to look like.
  11. And it is not uncommon for vets to enhance the items that they brought home from service time by adding emblems, insignia, etc for display in their home or office.
  12. Great post and uniform. I have a Korean War 5th Cav regiment 1st cavalry division Ike jacket from one of the survivors that holds a very honored place in my collection.
  13. Yes, on the above prices. The closer it looks to an original colt the higher. Longer barrel's more sought after. These are basically holster fillers and some have been dressed up with decoration to become bandito or "Indian Scout" rigs to fool people. They are old and many were brought up in the 1980's and later to feed the at the time growing Western memorabilia market. Unfortunately that genre of memorabilia has been hit hard and prices have been steadily falling. They are fun to have and good to point at the TV screen when Lee Marvin or some-one is being chased out of Mexico during an inte
  14. I would say early UCV (United Confederate Veterans) piece. The machine stitching is a bit to clean and strait for a period piece and I am unsure if southern clothing depots even had access to sewing machines in large numbers. Wartime Confederate kepi's are about as scarce as original tac marked M2 helmets and about as expensive, more so with positive attribution.
  15. $200-300 for average size if in good condition. If like a 42 or bigger, no clue, guessing higher.
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