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    1860-1930 U.S. army Uniforms. Named Federal Army M1902 Frocks and M1895 Officer Coats. Colorado Military History. Early Colorado National Guard items
    Also seeking Uniforms and Gear used by Americans in the Rhodesian Security Forces during the Bush War (Africa)

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  1. I'm thinking post civil war as well. Possible 1880-90 time period and while the belt plate and keeper are military I am thinking the belt was made up for civilian wear or at least state militia.
  2. That is an amazing story. I cannot speak for the wearabout of the purple heart, however I do remember when the set came up for sale.The dog tag is original and did belong to Lt. Wolfe, quite a piece of history. I would encourage you to share this story either in the medal section or the ID tag section to get a little bit more circulation. I wish you luck on your quest, and I hope his medal finds its way back to you.
  3. The ups and downs of a new discovery. Love it!
  4. Very nice collection. I focus on Colorado Volunteer material and as they shipped out of San Francisco as well, a lot of their images were done by the same photographers..
  5. Eagle , side devices, plume socket and base probably real. Shell is a replica as well as the tassel. Looks like the helmet was assembled for a prop for a costume or play.
  6. This was a great group, I think I bid on it on eBay when it sold. Seemed to me it went for what I consider an reasonable price.
  7. Again, what a great find metal detecting. Superb condition for a dug example. I always wanted to do that in upstate New York. I had an apartment at the old Madison Barracks and I was always finding stuff along the beach there. Thank you for sharing.
  8. Wow, now that is a great piece of Civil War history!
  9. Hat is fraternal: knights of pythias. Uniform is a great m1902 NYNG ordinance corps officers coat.
  10. Completely righteous. Nice natural patina and wear. Thanks for showing.
  11. The web chinstrap looks to be repro, The stenciled insignia doesn't look like the typical documented examples, they are pretty consistent. Usually 34th Lids have matching marked liners. I don't like when the painted insignia has large uniform scratching. To be it looks like it was painted and then rubbed to give it a worn appearance. Scratches look recent. Just my opinion.
  12. Great uniform group. Its always nice be able to have a positive ID in a WW1 enlisted man's uniform, especially 82nd Division. Thanks for posting.
  13. Nice helmet for sure. Might have also seen the Marines Deployment to Lebanon in '58.
  14. Smoking deal for $500. Those are worshiped like gods here out west.
  15. Civilian, hard rock Miners belt 1940-60's for holding the battery that attaches to the light on the miners helmet.
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