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    1860-1930 U.S. army Uniforms. Named Federal Army M1902 Frocks and M1895 Officer Coats. Colorado Military History. Early Colorado National Guard items
    Also seeking Uniforms and Gear used by Americans in the Rhodesian Security Forces during the Bush War (Africa)

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  1. And it is not uncommon for vets to enhance the items that they brought home from service time by adding emblems, insignia, etc for display in their home or office.
  2. Great post and uniform. I have a Korean War 5th Cav regiment 1st cavalry division Ike jacket from one of the survivors that holds a very honored place in my collection.
  3. Yes, on the above prices. The closer it looks to an original colt the higher. Longer barrel's more sought after. These are basically holster fillers and some have been dressed up with decoration to become bandito or "Indian Scout" rigs to fool people. They are old and many were brought up in the 1980's and later to feed the at the time growing Western memorabilia market. Unfortunately that genre of memorabilia has been hit hard and prices have been steadily falling. They are fun to have and good to point at the TV screen when Lee Marvin or some-one is being chased out of Mexico during an inte
  4. I would say early UCV (United Confederate Veterans) piece. The machine stitching is a bit to clean and strait for a period piece and I am unsure if southern clothing depots even had access to sewing machines in large numbers. Wartime Confederate kepi's are about as scarce as original tac marked M2 helmets and about as expensive, more so with positive attribution.
  5. $200-300 for average size if in good condition. If like a 42 or bigger, no clue, guessing higher.
  6. Great photography skills, better than a Rock Island Premier Auction Catalog!
  7. Lincoln Brigade Spanish Civil War...wow. Bet the family showed it to some-one who was a history buff and it disappeared shortly there after. I have to imagine that is quite a valuable medal. I have only seen a couple of items related to Lincoln Brigade in many years of collecting American Volunteer material. This was when a few American's fought against Franco's forces in Spain in the 1930's. Think Ernest Hemingway.
  8. Originals bring $2500 in good condition.
  9. A couple things that causes me to pause. The liners were typically brown in color as well as the sweat band. The stiffener material will be raw burlap and in this case it looks like some sort of white material? Why is the sweatband in such bad condition and the label is in great condition. These paper labels are easy to reproduce and can be found in the more accurate re-inactor caps. Better pictures would help. Of note the caps were made with a combination of hand sewing and machine stitching. The machine stitching of the period is significantly different than today’s. Stitch lines were not a
  10. Keep in mind, that these photographs have historical and monetary value as well as adding value to the other effects that original poster has shown. A lot of this stuff would have never been preserved let alone shared on an open forum like this if it was not the case. Old photo's with other people's relatives typically don't have a high likelihood of being preserved. Photographs with positive identification and historical context such as these are worth at least a few hundred dollars if not more to the right collector and that is just the photographs. Again, keep this in mind when inquiring a
  11. "You look like a bad idea......get the %4&# over here! I'm taking you home."
  12. Hello, based on the buckle and the buttons, I would say a 1920-30's era civilian marksman or shooting jacket. Not uncommon to find in USMC groups as these civilian made shooting jackets were favored by some match participants.
  13. Wonderful grouping of the Atomic age. Thank you for posting!
  14. I'm thinking post civil war as well. Possible 1880-90 time period and while the belt plate and keeper are military I am thinking the belt was made up for civilian wear or at least state militia.
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