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    I’m very devoted to historical accuracies and those who used the artifacts I own in their daily lives. I’m into really any militaria from all eras. I’m mostly interested in all conflicts involving the United States from the Revolution to current day. I’ve been in a Vietnam War kinda phase recently, and have been collecting stuff from ‘Nam for my Great Uncle, a Marine Grunt in H&S 2/5. Hope this community will further feed my interests in militaria as a whole.
  1. So I have this old paperback book titled "Your Victory", absolutely no clue if it was written for a specific division or anything, just got it in a set of items I purchased mainly for a totally different item in the set. It was written as the unofficial folklore and history of MIDPAC, by the guys who were there. There is a poem in the book that has been censored for inflammatory content, most likely, and it is credited to one Cpl. Bill Hoey, the poem titled Mary From Butaritari (aka Makin Atoll). It is noted in the book that Cpl. Hoey wrote it "after meeting the Gilbertese girl whose photo,
  2. Yeah I think that might be my best bet. I didn't mess with it myself, saw it for $5 bucks at a garage sale a while back and thought the price was more than welcoming, even with the spot on it. Any brain-bucket is better than no brain-bucket lol.
  3. Apologies. It's an "early" post-war Mccord Shell, or Korean War era if you prefer. Just for thoroughness, it's lot number M307C. I already have an original Vietnam era helmet that I just finished putting together, and I'm exactly the same with paint, but I really don't want this piece to look the way it does. Like i said, I'm not planning on restoring the entire helmet, and I don't want it to look new at all, I just want to at least cover up the silver markings, but adding some sand texturing would be nice, too. I never mess with pieces I own, and this is actually my first piece that I've
  4. Hey Yall, So I have this WW2 production M1 shell, in pretty good condition, except for this one spot in the front. I got this helmet at a yard-sale, and the family I bought it from said their son would play with it outside, and they bought it at an army navy store years ago for him. Apparently he drew a star in the center of the front of the helmet, and when he decided he didnt want it anymore, took some sandpaper and attempted to remove the star. Now there is no texture and no paint in the front of this helmet, and its very noticeable. I dont want to restore the entire helmet, but Id like to
  5. Thank you all for your warm welcomes and complements! I can tell already I’ve made a great decision to join this forum simply by your responses. Immediate smile on my face opening up my browser today haha. I hope to see y’all around the forum in the coming weeks, months, Hell, years? I’ll have to spend more time here exploring the site and it’s features so I can really get the most out of my time here. Again, I thank you all for your welcoming messages, and I wish all the same to you. -Ryan
  6. Hello, everyone! So I have been meaning to post an introduction here for some time, but am just getting around to it now. I am likely one of the younger members on this website, being 16 years old, but I have always been collecting anything related to the military for as long as I can remember. I have always talked to vets whenever I get the chance, and never skipped on a trip to the local army navy store haha. I try to make a point to collect not only period items, but to put them together in such a way that is accurate to how they would have been found. For instance, I have put together
  7. This will actually be my first post on this forum, so please let me know if I make any mistakes in formatting / where to post, etc. Anyways, I bought this M1 Helmet liner earlier today, and just noticed the sweatband material is something I am unfamiliar with. I have just recently gotten more into M1 helmets, and am pretty much brand new to collecting, dating, and identifying helmets (I have had a somewhat difficult time finding good sources on the internet, so might have to resort to ordering a few old fashioned books haha). There are no noticeable markings on it, and the material is pr
  8. So I have found the Marine's WWII Draft Card using Ancestry.com, and while I have not managed to find anything stating his service record, maybe it contains something of interest. Here's the contents of the source: Name: Claren Justin Neuenschwander Gender: Male Race: White Age: 20 Relationship to Draftee: Self (Head) Birth Date: 23 Nov 1921 Birth Place: Berne, Indiana Registration Date: 16 Feb 1942 Employer: None Weight: 160 Complexion: Ruddy Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Height: 5' 8" Next of Kin: Noah Graber Here's a Link to that small bit of info, not sure if it
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