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  1. Thank you Bolo for the advice. There was actually only one person at the show who tried that routine on me. Everyone else that knew what it was and talked with me about it seemed to be very honest with their opinions. It was nice to show it to folks who had not seen one before and actually feel confident I was able to tell them about the model 8 history and not spread misinformation. Painted Lid
  2. Everyone at the show confirmed it as authentic and there were plenty of folks that were familiar with it and the history of it. Was a very big show and quite crowded. Hard to see the tables in the crowd , but I don't think there was another one there. Painted Lid
  3. Yes that was me. I was very glad that my buddy had a good eye to save it. It will now have a chance to be in a collectors hands where it will be appreciated. Glad you enjoyed seeing it. There sure was a lot of interest in it. Painted Lid
  4. Sounds like a good chance that the majority of them are still out there then I would think. Painted Lid
  5. Nickman983, I can tell you it was found in Castalia Ohio , but how it ended up in that garage my buddy didn't know. I was just glad he had a eye for something unique and knew to bring it home. Sorry , but that is probably all the history to it , but I will check with him for any more possible details. Painted Lid
  6. Thank you, That is good to know. Another question , in one of the responses forum member Nickman mentioned thinking that original production of the model 8 was around 1300. Are there any estimates out there on how many actually have been found? Painted Lid
  7. Thanks Wake1941, I am starting to get a bit excited about this find. I am new to the forum and was just browsing a section I found here that is WWI Experimental Helmet reference. It has a thread on the model 8. It really does look like the ones posted there. Question is , are there any reproduction or fakes out there of this model? If so , how can a repro be spotted from an original? Painted Lid
  8. Thanks for the response Nickman983, It seems to have genuine age to it , but I am completely new to helmets so pretty close to all guesswork at the moment from me. Just the little bit of info found on the internet has me thinking it is a model 8. The liner has a lot of deteriation from age. The leather is just about non-existant. One strap is all but gone. The other one has a small buckle and I think a patent date on it , but hard for me to read. That being said , it leaves me to believe it is genuinely old , but lots of things are genuinely old or have been made to look as such. Thanks agai
  9. Hi Folks. A buddy of mine found this recently in a deceased family members garage. I am totally new to this sort of thing so please bear with me if I am wrong assuming it is a model 8. That being said ........ Am I correct in assuming it is indeed a model 8? If so , any and all info would be very helpful. Thanks in advance, Painted Lid.
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