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  1. That is one outstanding piece of the US Coast Guard’s presence and contributions during the Vietnam War.
  2. Like Bearmon said above, repro and there are lots of fakes made to look original on eBay. USCG in Vietnam patches are scarce but they do pop up on eBay and you can even find a good bargain from time to time
  3. I have gotten lucky with some early patches from the time period, and always looking out for a beret. With any luck we will both find one, one day!
  4. Firefighter - thanks for posting the picture of the beret. I always suspected that one of the three PSUs that deployed ISO Operation Desert Storm/Shield wore a beret, but never had any luck finding a clear picture of it in use until recently. Including the two photos above I am up to three sightings. Still trying to find an original beret with the patch.
  5. Very disappointing to hear they won’t be publishing and I only hope you find a publisher who can produce to the same level as your last book.
  6. Does anyone have an example of the Coastal Forceman rating in use?
  7. They have official and unofficial patches. I have picked up a few over the years and if I can unearth them I will post them.
  8. Another friend and forum member told me about Garth’s passing and I am just floored. I visited Garth fairly often while assigned as a reservist to Sector Lower Mississippi River in Memphis. Always loved visiting with him and KT, though it was really just me and Garth talking about the Coast Guard and drinking coffee. He will be missed.
  9. I can’t tell you if this is original based off the photos, but the UCSG re-released this and another poster right around 9/11. I believe it was relatively large format though.
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