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  1. SAILING LIST for the U.S.S. Besugo ( SS321) Looking for some help on a subject i know too little about. Picked up a white navy jumper named to a submariner GM(SS). You can see where the dolphin was cut off the jumper, Also a carbon copy of a 3 page SAILING LIST for the U.S.S. Besugo ( SS321) and the white twill dolphin was in the envelope with he sailing list. And the same thread is on both the twill patch and the jumper. I also saw a picture of a kill flag, but reading the old threads about the reproduction kill flags, i need some help. Does anyone know if there were re
  2. I've been going there for years, and its a nice small show with a good selection of small dealers and just a bunch of collectors who like to see each other 2 x a year in a nice friendly laid back atmosphere. Like 100th OVI says. "Easy to get to, Good dealers & selection of items. Always a good crowd. Attracts families and young people as well as the seasoned collectors. Only show I attend that starts by opening with the playing of the Star Spangled Banner & Pledge. Not the size of SOS/MAX, but a nice way to spend a Saturday, April 21st. Promoters are easy to work with and ap
  3. Frank: Next weekend is the Baltimore Antique Arms Show, which is focused on early firearms and equipment. About Maryland Arms Collectors The “Old Line State” is famous for its blue crabs, horse racing and for 64 years, the finest antique arms show in the country. The “Baltimore Show”, as hosted by the Maryland Arms Collectors Association on the third weekend of March annually, is considered to be the finest arms show of its kind. With over 1,000 tables of the finest in collectable rifles, revolvers (pre-1898) and sporting shot guns, the Baltimore Show attracts thousands of serious collec
  4. Tom Johnsons were never manufactured with 'matching numbers' parts. Parts were made and numbered, then basically thrown in a bin. They were then picked out of the bin, and assembled . No regards for 'numbers'. That was the goal of interchangeable parts. Some years ago I saw the original factory books that listed the serial numbers of the major parts groups for each rifle as they were assembled in the factory. Penciled in the books were the numbers of the parts groups used in each weapon. So if you find a matching number Johnson rifle, it is not an original piece as it left the factory
  5. Marcel: These are not roughout army service shoes. Roughout means the flesh side of the leather is on the outside of the shoe. The first pic clearly shoes the flesh side on the inside, and the skin side on the outside. The cut looks the same, but I think the rippled sole is not what the army used. Also, the size and manufacturer should be stamped on the inside of the upper side of the shoe. Regards, Steve T
  6. Hello Helmetguyct. As a native Nutmegger, welcome to the Constitution State. There will be a Militaria Show and Flea Market on May 18,19,20th at 6 Rubber Ave Naugatuck Friday 4-8 Sat 9-6 Sun 9-3. Military Vehicles are invited too. This is a new location for the 'Old" Stratford Gun Show sponsored by the Original Stratford Gun Collectors Association. SteveT
  7. The museum in Danbury has closed and all of its collection given to the Museum of American Armor in Bethpage Long Island. You can visit the West Haven Veterans Museum and Learning Center 30 Hood Terrace West Haven CT 06516 Phone # 203-934-1111 which is the town next door. And if you've never been to West Point, the Hudson River valley is beautiful in the fall. Don't forget the Springfield Armory in Massachusetts. Connecticut gun shows are a thing of the past, getting fewer and far between. You'll find several gun stores, including Hansen & Co. In Southport, Delta Arsenal in W
  8. I'm going.... and if you are into military models, then don't forget the AMPS show in Danbury...about 30 minutes away... AMPS 2017 International Convention The 2017 Show committee from the host chapter, Northeast Military Modeling Association (NMMA), is working on the target list and H hour is April 20 – 22, 2017 This year our rally point will be in Danbury, Connecticut at the Danbury Crown Plaza Hotel, 18 Ridgebury Road, Danbury, Connecticut 06810. This new location takes the forward edge of the modeling area north to the same venue used for Armorcon. This will be an all in one show with
  9. Not a US M-38. Probably French.... Steve
  10. i leave on Wednesday, now weather permitting since I'm on the coast in CT. Must be some places out there?
  11. Had a good vacation 'road trip' to Massachusetts a few weeks ago, and Wednesday I leave for Lexington Ky for a wedding on Saturday. So..... Any thoughts on the best route to enjoy the drive and country and maybe hitting up some antique shops, firearms dealers, olde fashioned Army - Navy stores and flea markets? Figure I'll get to around Morgantown WV on Wednesday, and get to Lexington on Friday. And places to stay with good road food.. Thanks in advance. Steve T
  12. So I think it's safe to say that this helmet belonged to Les Tanenbaum who was in the 3rd. Battalion of the 347th. Regiment of the 87th. Division. He served in Belgium, where he was wounded. Anybody got his Purple Heart? Doinworkinvans.... Any idea who bought this photo? I' ve look at the 2 parallel lines through a loop, and still can't figure out what they are. Thanks again to everyone who helped me ID this helmet. Steve T
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