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  1. That's the discontinued Fire Control Technician rating mark. Pretty certain it was changed around 1946-1948 so the 1956 date on the buckle is of interest. Guess the engraver in Hong Kong didn't get the NAVPERS memo on the insignia change.....
  2. Great info and photo documentation on the PSU patch. Thanks for posting this and welcome to the forum.
  3. Restoration photos from an M-8 Greyhound rebuild including the 37MM Gun Parts Box here
  4. Interior photograph from an M-8 Greyhound armored car
  5. This belt buckle is quite unique. Made by an Operations Specialist (i.e. Scope Dope) who served on two ships, the USS CAMDEN (AOE-2) and the USS VINCENNES (CG-49). I've never come across one dedicated to service aboard two ships.
  6. Bottom center has the correct stripes for the Hawaii state flag. I'm curious to know what this one is too. New to me. "The field of the flag is composed of eight horizontal stripes, symbolizing the eight major islands (Hawaiʻi, Maui, Kahoʻolawe, Lānaʻi, Molokaʻi, Oʻahu, Kauaʻi, and Niʻihau)." What does the motto scroll say?
  7. USS NAVASOTA (AO-106) Cimarron/Ashtabula class fleet oiler in service 1946 to 1975, USNS service 1975 to 1991 as (T-AO-106); She went through 'Jumboization' in 1963-1964 to increase her length from 553' to 644' Two different patches from her USN Pacific Fleet service career, a 1950's Japanese patch (pre-Jumboized) and a US Gemsco patch made after her Jumboization. USS NAVASOTA earned nine battle stars for Korean War service and fourteen campaign stars for Vietnam War service
  8. USS JENKINS (DD-447) The third Fletcher class destroyer in commissioned service 1942 to 1969. She was reclassified at DDE-447 during the Korean War and reverted back to DD-447 in 1962. These belonged to a crewman who served aboard JENKINS during her WESTPAC Vietnam cruises in 1966 & 1967 JENKINS earned 14 battle stars during World War II, one battle star in the Korean War, and five battle stars for Vietnam service
  9. USS GAINARD (DD-706) Allen M. Sumner class destroyer in service 1944 to 1971 Two different cut edge versions
  10. Second pin depicts the flags and coat of arms of the country of Panama
  11. As Dave said, he could have been a 'Steamer' as we called them, and had few if any good conduct ribbons. Another option and quite common in the mid 1950's...... This could be a LDO's ribbon rack (Limited Duty Officer, i.e. Mustang). If he was commissioned within his first 7 years of service, he would only have had one USN good conduct ribbon.
  12. USS DOUGLAS (PG-100) Asheville class gunboat in USN service 1971 to 1977. Also became a Carderock Research Vessel until she was sunk off the coast of North Carolina Bullion on Felt
  13. USS DOUGLAS (PG-100) In USN service 1971 to 1977. Also became a Carderock Research Vessel until she was sunk off the coast of North Carolina Bullion on Felt
  14. USCGC SWEETBRIER (WAGL-405/WLB-405) Iris class 180-foot seagoing buoy tender. In service 1944 to 2001. She served in the Pacific during World War II. Her entire post-war career with the Coast Guard was spent in Alaska. After she was decommissioned in 2001, she was transferred to the Ghana Navy and renamed Bonsu. She is still active.
  15. HELWINGRES (Helicopter Wing Reserve) USNR - Tail Code "NW": Established Jun 1975, disestablished 31 May 2007. Remaining reserve helicopter squadrons continue to use tail code NW even though the wing no longer exists.
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