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  1. Two sticker on lower left inside
  2. Could you please help me with some information about a Coat, Hot Weather, Woodland Camouflage Pattern , Combat SP0100-99-0-0319 American Apparel Inc. regarding - date of manufacturing? - exact meaning of parachute wing / what are the requirements to get it? - exact meaning of helicopter wing / what are the requirements to get it? - eventually more informations re the owner/soldier? Again many thanks for your help in advance!!
  3. Thank you very much! I always knew that you can help me! I am very happy that it seems to be legit! One more question re the nametag and the U.S.ARMY-patch: do you think this is original, too? Were there different fonts around? For me it still looks not like an original font - the letters are very wide... And what about a US - flag-patch on the right upper arm? Since when are they worn on the sleeve?
  4. Section of hood/open collar and backside (topview)
  5. Seam of "Old Ironsides" - patch (inside)
  6. Printing on lower left pocket (inside) - could be "160" in a circle..
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