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  1. Thank you Gentlemen I checked on Amazon and as it turns out Stantons book can be had on the Kindle for $9.99! Thank you for all the help
  2. Good evening Gentlemen, I am looking to put together a mid 1950s (1955-56) Army Infantry impression in Western Germany. I have started out doing some basic goodle searches and looking through Stanton's book on the Cold War. My problem is that I cannot find any information detailing what was worn and how for this period. Based on my research I so far I figured they would have 1st Pattern OG107 uniform M1948 Russet Boots WWII Vintage helmet (Either bare or with burlap cover) m51 field jacket m45 field pack (Suspenders at least; I havent seen any photos of packs themselves in use) M52A fl
  3. The Marines at Inchon from what i could tell didint wear wool pants under their dungerees. I have seen pictures of Marines around the capture of Souel wearing the WWII baby vomit brown wool shirts. The green wool shirts werent really worn until the winter of 51/52. What i meant about the Chosin pack would be just the haversack (upper pack) and a blanket roll w/ the down sleeping bag rolled up inside. Its fine that you arent wearing it for the photos but i would have kept it near me if i was there beacuse that sleeping bag would have been worth twice its wieght in gold. (many marines and army
  4. I would also like to see pics of your N. Africa set up. There were just a few things that i noticed that werent correct. For your marine impressions (WWII and Korea) you should loos the blanket roll and lower pack. As far as I know these were only carried into combat on Iwo Jima. You could store your sleeping bag in a blanket role for your Chosin impression, Ive seen this being done a few times. On the grenade pouchs that you have on your belt, I wouldnt use those for WWII but they are fine for Korea. I would also consider gettiong two canteens (at least) for all of your marine impressions. Ov
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