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  1. Great Find that is an interesting piece of history, congrats
  2. Wow very nice work, I also really like the sub. Looks like you even have figures up in the sail
  3. This is a Navy boot camp training unit flag. Each unit uses two flags, one with the unit number and another that is made up by each unit which this is one of. The designs are made up by the guys in the training unit, neat flag.
  4. That was for the USS Scranton ssn-756 they also had a model of the submarine made of coal as well that I got at the SOS a few years ago.
  5. It should have a navy contract tag or remnants where one was in it if it is Navy, civilians used this style also.
  6. They are expecting to have about 20 tables sold ,small show but something to build on, all proceeds are going to support the Boy's & Girl"s State program. You never know what you may find
  7. Militaria Show Location: Chardon VFW Post 6519 752 Water Street ( Route 6 ) Chardon, Oh 44024 Hours: Friday, Aug 3rd , 3pm to 7pm Saturday, Aug 4th, 10am to 6pm Admission: $5 adults $3 Veterans
  8. Very nice, what is the pin on the collar?
  9. Just found out the show will be about 40 tables and all the proceeds will go to support the American Legion Boy's & Girl's State Program. Flyers will be going out this week for distribution. Smaller show but you never know what will turn up.
  10. You can always check ebay but also can get them made up from this place: http://www.rwne.com/uim.html
  11. When I was on the USS Groton back in the 70's we used to call them bunk bags and they attached to little clips on the bulkhead in your rack, put everything in it but laundry.
  12. Are the edges finished so it maybe is intended to be a scarf?
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