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    My main areas of collecting interest are:<br /><br />BDU, DCU and other modern uniforms<br />Gas masks & chemical related items<br />Misc. modern gear<br /><br />And anything related to Sampson Naval Training Station.

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  1. Looking at it more closely I can certainly see the similarities but unfortunately that's as clear as I can get the SSI in the scans. I thought the same thing about the summit elevation and hoped I'd be able to ID the location with it, but had no luck.
  2. I was under the impression the white star patches were made by embroiderers in anticipation for an AAF HQ patch redesign that never came. It would have been to make the star match the ones on aircraft.
  3. The SATC disc is for the Student Army Training Corps. I believe the cavalry one is 24th Regiment, Company M. http://www.millikin.edu/staley/archives/ex...ibits_satc.aspx
  4. Thanks for posting that URL Johan, there's quite a wealth of info there about motorcycles. It will be a good one to bookmark. I'm glad to know it really is a military bike. Perhaps the glossy paint job could signify MP use? Just a guess since the GI's uniform really doesn't give many hints.
  5. Quite a memorial. Here's a photo of the plaque that I found online.
  6. I found this photo at a flea market a little while ago and for $5 figured it was worth picking up. I don't know anything about motorcycles so I assumed it was an Army bike he's sitting on but after trying to ID it I don't think that's the case. Maybe it's one he was using during some R&R. It's too bad the SSI isn't more visible...
  7. I just use the 3x3 pages and cut them in specific areas to make USAF patches fit. It might not be as clean looking but you can fit more and store them easily which is good for me because I haven't got much extra storage space. Cut down an index card for the backing and you're good to go. You can find pages like this anywhere, which is part of why I like to use them.
  8. It looks like the patch was never finished but they used it anyway. Nice top, I never knew that SSI was actually used at one point.
  9. I guess Medal of Honor threads are just destined to fall into bickering, no matter what it's over.
  10. That's my entire point, calling it a Medal of Honour IS ludicrous. It's an American award so spelling it with a U will never be correct, regardless of where the language originated.
  11. But what do origins matter? Go back as far as you want and the Medal of Honor will never be British.
  12. Now we're all being too critical.
  13. That doesn't change the word though, this is an American medal regardless of who's selling it. It shows just as much ignorance as it would if a US dealer didn't use the correct spelling for something that was British. Maybe it's just me it bothers or I'm too critical. :think:
  14. The worst part about this to me is that they couldn't even spell the name of the medal correctly...
  15. I don't often see stuff marked "Made in USA". :think:
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