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  1. Maybe cut from an NOS spool recently, certainly doesn't look 1960s vintage.
  2. I'm not sure. But the YouTube channel is BattleParkWest. I was following his channel and he uploaded a video of him painting unit patches on 3 Vietnam M1C helmets, one was 101st, another 173rd, and the third unit patch escapes me at the moment (most likely 82nd) I noticed the helmets on ebay with very vague descriptions with ZERO disclosure that the painted patches were recently added. The 173rd ending up selling for $125. BattleParkWest did not include a made up story in his sale but did not disclose that the unit patch was recently painted on. Not to mention the helmet is fitted with
  3. All his helmets are made up. His 173rd just sold for $125 last week, Battleparkwest on YouTube made a video recently of him painting the insignia on the cover. That video is now gone and the helmet is for sale with a made up story for $1,300
  4. I don't think it's even a US made shell. Any markings?
  5. Is that a intact non removable leather adjustable liner strap? The exterior paint on the liner is original which is great, the rear seam McCord is also a nice example. $150 well spent
  6. I agree! Manniquins set ups are really fun!
  7. Well worth the $150, definitely try and purchase it!
  8. The second one looks like a very nice example, what's the heat stamp? Early Nam era M1C shells aren't that plentiful these days! It's sweet!
  9. Nice displays, I have been eyeing a yanks manniquin for some time now
  10. Those are original D Rings that for some reason were saved and then used by a rigger to repair a rear seam and now it's an M2. Wait a second ...
  11. Schleuter did not manufacturer M1C helmets. However it is possible that someone in an airborne unit could have been issued a regular ole Schleuter M1 shell and a jump liner
  12. A recycled WWII helmet could have a painted over dent if the paint was applied 20+ years after it was manufactured. What's your opinion on the paint? Looks vintage and old to me. Could it have been used in the 60s or 70s?
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