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  1. I'm not sure. But the YouTube channel is BattleParkWest. I was following his channel and he uploaded a video of him painting unit patches on 3 Vietnam M1C helmets, one was 101st, another 173rd, and the third unit patch escapes me at the moment (most likely 82nd) I noticed the helmets on ebay with very vague descriptions with ZERO disclosure that the painted patches were recently added. The 173rd ending up selling for $125. BattleParkWest did not include a made up story in his sale but did not disclose that the unit patch was recently painted on. Not to mention the helmet is fitted with a 1972 dated sweatband and POST Vietnam war era M1C straps.
  2. All his helmets are made up. His 173rd just sold for $125 last week, Battleparkwest on YouTube made a video recently of him painting the insignia on the cover. That video is now gone and the helmet is for sale with a made up story for $1,300
  3. I don't think it's even a US made shell. Any markings?
  4. Is that a intact non removable leather adjustable liner strap? The exterior paint on the liner is original which is great, the rear seam McCord is also a nice example. $150 well spent
  5. I agree! Manniquins set ups are really fun!
  6. Well worth the $150, definitely try and purchase it!
  7. The second one looks like a very nice example, what's the heat stamp? Early Nam era M1C shells aren't that plentiful these days! It's sweet!
  8. Nice displays, I have been eyeing a yanks manniquin for some time now
  9. Those are original D Rings that for some reason were saved and then used by a rigger to repair a rear seam and now it's an M2. Wait a second ...
  10. Schleuter did not manufacturer M1C helmets. However it is possible that someone in an airborne unit could have been issued a regular ole Schleuter M1 shell and a jump liner
  11. A recycled WWII helmet could have a painted over dent if the paint was applied 20+ years after it was manufactured. What's your opinion on the paint? Looks vintage and old to me. Could it have been used in the 60s or 70s?
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