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  1. An interesting topic for the Second World War, not only for Swiss Interesting. Please read information in English here: http://warbird.ch/buch/ Sandro
  2. I have to ask, is this real or copy? Sandro
  3. Because many no notion have....
  4. If you treat the item, the topic Medals and Decorations. Try it here: http://s276159374.e-shop.info/ Depending on the quality of the article he is certainly interested. He translated my article (Unfortunately, with errors) and I am not a professional writer. Sandro
  5. Must one American his around the veterans to honor? They can do veterans also differently honour. If you are ready 1000.-$ for honour and Medal for payment, why donations them then not 1000.-$ here: http://s431547445.on...s/?page_id=2142 With it is helped the veterans more. They also get a nice letter for your collection... Sandro
  6. I also do not understand that?! A model would have to be early than D model?! September and October, 1944 stands on the manual, hence I was not sure whether 42 or 44 Properly, only in the Reciver the plug is in it, the others are absent everything.
  7. I would say CMoH Typ IV (1904 - 1913) I do not like her.
  8. What specialist knowledge is represented here! I have one more Armored patch collection, should I also put what one would find out there everything Sandro
  9. This is very interesting, many thanks. Sandro
  10. Which are a post-war manufacturing? I do know a lot about patch, it what everything a Christmas present of a collector's friend to me. @auggie Try it with it: http://tinypic.com/?t=postupload Sandro
  11. Unfortunately, one finds nothing. Why was this packed so? Long time storage.
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