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  1. I guess if you can find the right guy, probably a few grand. I would put most of the value in the wings, obviously. The rest of the grouping is OK, but there is no combat, the logbook is mainly interwar, etc. Of course as with anyone else who might offer a replay, I'm solely looking at it from what I would consider paying for it if I was in the market for something like it.
  2. The paper looks the same, too. intentionally torn edges, faint horizontal lines....
  3. Old thread, but I picked this up in a grouping. Reverse of the shield is closer to the third wing in B-17Guy's post above, as is the thinner pin, but with the early hallmark.
  4. This was published in one of Jon Maguire’s books. I cannot ID this one. Can anyone help? Thanks....
  5. Touched up jackets (which this one is) lose significant value to me.
  6. What about the different greens on the interior?
  7. The touch ups are visible on the close up wing photo.
  8. I don’t know if it’s real, but it could be a variant for the 52nd BS.
  9. Recent acquisition. Westinghouse liner has no unit markings. The shell is heat stamped 89D.
  10. juvatwad

    Wing Display

    Cut the wing shape into a thick piece of museum quality foam, embed the wing in the cut out, and face both sides of the foam with glass.
  11. That was a winged boot. This one isn’t one of those.
  12. juvatwad


    Ok, thanks for the info. I guess that’s it: it’s not sterling, and all the oddities stem from me thinking it was supposed to be sterling.
  13. juvatwad


    I'm not sure what to make of this one. It's off a tunic, but it just looks weird to me. Weird finish, looks cast, messed up sterling mark, etc. I'd appreciate other opinions.
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