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  1. Recent acquisition. Westinghouse liner has no unit markings. The shell is heat stamped 89D.
  2. juvatwad

    Wing Display

    Cut the wing shape into a thick piece of museum quality foam, embed the wing in the cut out, and face both sides of the foam with glass.
  3. That was a winged boot. This one isn’t one of those.
  4. juvatwad


    Ok, thanks for the info. I guess that’s it: it’s not sterling, and all the oddities stem from me thinking it was supposed to be sterling.
  5. juvatwad


    I'm not sure what to make of this one. It's off a tunic, but it just looks weird to me. Weird finish, looks cast, messed up sterling mark, etc. I'd appreciate other opinions.
  6. I would guess someone dolled up an A-2; maybe the vet, but who knows?
  7. Based on this one photo only, I would vote not WWII period. Obviously, it would help to see the jacket itself, but the background material is odd, the edge is beat up, but the actual embroidery is without any wear, and finally, the thread has a shine to it that I wouldn't expect.
  8. Right, but I recently posted a uniform here with a 4" bullion wing from this era. So, I'm asking if there is a size cut off beyond which a wing would definitely have not been worn on a uniform (ie 4" wings are OK, but 4 1/2" wings were decorative)?
  9. So is 4” the likely cut off size for a worn wing of this era?
  10. This came off the garment bag of a navigator for the 534th. Interestingly, the bag had previously been issued to a KIA pilot in the 323rd BS. It's crude, but interesting.
  11. I have it in hand now. The piping is a subtle orange (it looks like the same stitch used to sew the patch to the jacket). I'm not experienced enough to tell if it's melton or felt, either. Is any patch with a "dog head" bad? Anyway, here are some more photos:
  12. As an update, I have it in hand now, and here are a couple more pics. I don't know what it is, but I like it more than I don't.
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