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  1. This came off the garment bag of a navigator for the 534th. Interestingly, the bag had previously been issued to a KIA pilot in the 323rd BS. It's crude, but interesting.
  2. I have it in hand now. The piping is a subtle orange (it looks like the same stitch used to sew the patch to the jacket). I'm not experienced enough to tell if it's melton or felt, either. Is any patch with a "dog head" bad? Anyway, here are some more photos:
  3. juvatwad

    Winged prop

    As an update, I have it in hand now, and here are a couple more pics. I don't know what it is, but I like it more than I don't.
  4. juvatwad

    Winged prop

    Yes, I’ve never seen anything like it. I should get hands on to have a better look at its construction. If it’s likely something the vet put on there, I’m ok with it. If it looks more like some modern fantasy patch, I’m not.
  5. It does look a bit like Marmaduke.
  6. I don't have this in hand, but I'm curious to hear other's thoughts on it.
  7. juvatwad

    Winged prop

    I haven't seen this one before, and I'd appreciate any info. It's on the right shoulder of a WW1 sgt's tunic. The rest of the tunic looks OK in pictures, but I'm curious about this patch.
  8. The items resurfaced for less than 1/10th the auction selling price, so for a few hundred bucks, I was happy to pick it up.
  9. I agree, and from your brief comment regarding some of the stuff they had, this patch having belonged to Boyington is more likely than not. I agree with this as well, but it was worth it.
  10. The patch was posted in the appropriate forum here and is real. Also the letter states the patch was donated years prior to the 1976 date.
  11. Here it is. I believe she was his third wife, divorced sometime before 1978:
  12. The letter from the IAHOF regarding the patch being traded by Boyington’s wife is the provenance offered.
  13. If I came across these, I would consider them real. In the context of this thread, however, where are the pertinent tells on the wing (excluding the maker mark)? I don’t see them.
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