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  1. Interesting, those look indeed a lot like the ones from the picture... Thanks! Will need to do some further research.
  2. Hi guys, For a future project I would like to recreate the officer from this photo. Got one question though: Is it correct he wears USAAF A-10 gloves?
  3. SEMS is ALWAYS reproduction.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1466389186930507/ This is a facebookgroup for US WW2 for sale militaria (only). I moderate it myself and worldwide shipping is a must and so is paypal due to its insurance. Relatively new group, but haven't heard any complaints about any wrong deals whatsoever.
  5. In my opinion it is more creepy to fake a burial cross, then to own an original cross. Original items are pieces of history.
  6. This is an original photo taken in the early days of the Henri-Chapelle cemetery. Crosses looks different in size. The eBay auction doenst look original to me as well.
  7. And the other types of this same model plastic cover?
  8. Does anyone perhaps know if these C-1 type plastic covers were used during D-Day by infantry officers?
  9. Apparantly he was also awarded the medal of honor. Very nice find!
  10. $3.99 per 8 wooden hangers. I bet wallmart is even cheaper http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80217374/#/40115122
  11. Here is the picture. In my opinion this is the type of 4th ID patch used by the medic.
  12. I think you are right. I have such a patch sewn onto a tanker's jacket. Will make a picture tomorrow.
  13. Everybody his own opinion, but the label has EXACTLY the same stitching.... Also, this jacket has been for sale more then 3 three times in a couple of months. For me 1+1=3 strikes.
  14. Somebody made some changes to the jacket... Didnt bought the jacket, somebody else did an hour ago.
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