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  1. I'm researching flag brassards for D-Day, and it's confusing... WHO wore them? 101st, 82nd, both or just one, but which one? WHAT were they made of? Muslin, coated canvas, plain cloth? Were Market Gardens brassards different than D-Day ones? I had read that everyone was issued one, then I read that only the 101st had them, THEN I read that the actual use of them is greatly overblown, that period photos don't show them much at all before the jumps and just after? Every book I've read is different, every web page has someone's opinion, so who's correct?
  2. good ideas guys! I have a silk invasion map, a evasion compass, and I'm going to pick up a regular compass. Were they issued to paratroopers?
  3. good ideas guys! I have a silk invasion map, a evasion compass, and I'm going to pick up a regular compass. Were they issued to paratroopers?
  4. Good thought, thank you! Now I just have to keep the kids from touching the stuff!
  5. CW reenacting gets out of control at times, too much drinking for me. I enjoyed it and also did RevWar with my son, now we do WWII together!
  6. I am setting up a display on D-Day, and one of the displays is personal items a Paratrooper would have carried in their pockets or pack on "The Day of Days". Can you help me by listing some items that you KNOW were carried? Military Bible Rosary beads smokes crackle lighter and what else?
  7. Outside of Binghamton, where Spring will never arrive...
  8. (Here is what the description on the board reads) K-RATIONS – A SOLDIERS MEAL IN THE FIELD THE K-RATION WAS AN INDIVIDUAL DAILY COMBAT FOOD RATION WHICH WAS INTRODUCED BY THE UNITED STATES ARMY DURING WORLD WAR II. THE K-RATION PROVIDED THREE SEPARATELY BOXED MEAL UNITS, AS DESCRIBED BELOW: Menu Breakfast Unit: canned entree veal (early version), canned chopped ham and eggs (all subsequent versions), biscuits, dextrose or malted milk tablets (early version), dried fruit bar, premixed oatmeal cereal (late version) Halazone water purification tablets, a four-pack of cigarettes, Den
  9. I'm doing a D-Day display on my local Rail Trail, I completed this K-Ration display board and wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions on what else I could do to it or add to it? Tim
  10. No, I'm 59, far too old to jump! Some of our group does jump, I'll stay on the ground! They guys let me dress and act as Camp Guard for them, I'm too old and I know it, but they treat me well and let me play with them. I'm grateful... Dad lied about his age and joined the Army at 17 only to find out he was 4-F due to bad eyes and unfit for combat duty. He even proved he was a hell of a shot with his Garand. He said he lay in his bed that night and cried, he felt he wasn't "man enough". He spent the War on several 8th AAF bases in the USA doing desk duty, which he hated. He said he didn't d
  11. https://www.soaringmuseum.org/ The National Soaring Museum in Elmira, NY has an original WACO glider on exhibit, you can even go inside and view the cockpit and controls. Although not fully assembled due to space limitation it IS original and it's being here in Upstate NY isn't well known. It would be awesome to take photos in if you are an Airborne reenactor! The address is 51 Soaring Hill Dr, Elmira, NY USA 14903
  12. Getting into WWII Airborne reenacting with my son at his insistence, he bought most of my equipment for me so I guess I have to jump with him! I've done RevWar, Civil War and now WWII, think this will be the last time period I do! My father and most of my Uncles fought in WWII, I grew up with the stories, so this is a time period I know well. Looking forward to Conneaut this year, always a great time! Tim
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