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  1. Thank you for your opinion. I realize you are trying to help me with my problem of identifying this insignia as authentic but you haven't told me anything that I don't already know. I'm looking for someone that can authenticate this item or prove that it is a fantasy piece. You've given your opinion but no facts. Another person can give me their opinion. A third person can give me their opinion. And after all the opinions are given, I still don't have any proof one way or the other. The STERLING stamp on the back would indicate an English (British) manufacturer but that's only my opinio
  2. These squadron insignia are faintly marked STERLING on the back and have been plated (I'm assuming gold). These have been polished on a buffer by the seller but there is still a little patina left in the protected areas. The reproductions are silver with the numbers gold plated. In case you can't tell, the bombs have 11 affixed to them. In the picture it looks like it might be a 17 but it's clearly 11.
  3. I managed to save these insignia from being turned into earrings. Unfortunately, the seller had already removed the attachment devices before posting them for sale. I know that the accepted insignia for the 11th Aero Squadron is Mr. Jiggs walking with a bomb under his arm but I had to rescue these before they were damaged any further. As i was trying to authenticate these, I found a site that sold reproductions and they had these for sale. When I contacted them, they put me in touch with the person that manufactures them. His answer was quite vague to say the least. He told me that he ha
  4. I was really surprised to find this posting. I wasn't even searching for anything related to the Marine Corps or Wirt McCreary. The attached pictures are of Wirt McCreary's China Relief Expedition Medal. I've owned this medal for approximately 20 years having purchased it during the early days of ebay. I just stumbled across it while browsing and took a chance, The person I purchased it from said they got it at an estate sale in a box of odds and ends,
  5. Oops. I guess my mind is slipping. Getting old causes you to forget these things.
  6. Hicks Field - Fort Worth, Texas - Last one
  7. Hicks Field - Fort Worth, Texas - Humor in Uniform:
  8. Hicks Field - Fort Worth, Texas - Insignia close ups:
  9. I just found this thread and decided to add what I have. Hicks Field had a primary flight school in Fort Worth, Texas (I believe it's now Love Field). The accompanying pictures are the insignia worn by Eddie George during his time as a flight instructor there. Along with the insignia, I thought I'd post some pictures that showed that they could laugh at themselves.
  10. Now that makes since. If there's a difference in the casting that can be identified then I guess that proves it. Don't be surprised if in a few years someone discovers that the mold (or die) was replaced in (name a year) and the dots were omitted in the replacement dies. I've been collecting for approximately 50 years and have seen so many changes in what makes something original that I can't keep up with it.
  11. I have no doubt that this is a spoof on an incident that I heard about several years ago. I don't remember the hard facts of the incident but I'll try to relate it to the best of my ability. An Army officer (or ranking NCO) was awarded a Bronze Star for professionally producing a power point presentation under pressure of time constraints.
  12. I'm confused. If you compare a known copy (current) to a unknown example (the one we are discussing) and they are different then how does that guarantee that this one is a copy? What is it that the experts said that has convinced you that this is not a good medal? If your's is made of nickle and the inside width of the attachment device is 1/2" then I would still be apt to accept it as period. I'd be glad to pay you the reproduction price for this medal and take my chances.
  13. According to THE CALL OF DUTY the Good Conduct Badge was to be of nickle and suspended on a 1/2" wide ribbon. The book indicated that all of the first contracted medals were to have the sailor's name inscribed on the back. It didn't specify if the following contracts were named. The photograph in the book for this medal shows a different attachment method between the medal and ribbon. However, the author adds a note that the ribbon in the photograph is unusually wide. The wider ribbon would require a different mounting attachment. I would measure the inside width of the attachment device
  14. Thanks for the information and identification. I had searched for quite a while and came up with absolutely nothing. My hats off to you and I appreciate all the effort.
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