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  1. RR used Du-Lite finish on early 1911A1's. Parkerized after 1 million range.
  2. Yes, you can contact Colt. They will do a research on their factory records. Will be able to get manufactured date, info about the gun & to where it was shipped. I have one close to your serial number 247,xxx. It was mfg. Feb. 10, 1918 & shipped to C/O Springfield Armory. Cost is about $100.00.
  3. Found several nice items at SOS, including a mid-war production Winchester M1 Carbine that is totally original as manufactured.
  4. Fore stock looks legit. Has "IO" stamped in correct spot as best can tell from pics. "RI/3" replacement grip is ok. Rest is made up from, well junk (no disrespect intended).
  5. Have had several Victory models in my collection for years. The last 2 were a 5" British Lend Lease, the other interesting one (4" model) came from the estate of Adm. William E. Gentner. He was a WW2 Naval aviator and carried the Victory model during combat air missions. Later became 6th Fleet commander. Think I posted pics here someplace last year. Both have factory documentation.
  6. A collector friend picked one up at a show and paid $750 OTD for it. The dealer when questioned stated that his cost was $625. GB prices are crazy/stupid. A dealer in Atlanta had 4 of them and was getting $800-$850, depending on condition.
  7. Not sure if proper here, if not please move to correct sub-forum. Wondering about a Santa Fe clone of the PB BM59. Any good? Know some of the others clones have had serious problems. Any help appreciated.
  8. The "x" series were ranged from X through XG and numbers 1-100. More information can be found in War Baby Vol 1 and Carbine Club news letters.
  9. Cool piece!! I picked up a Commando awhile back as well. Colt letter said it was manufactured in October '43 and shipped to U.S. Maritime warehouse San Francisco, CA.
  10. Looks to me to be some type of bone, as a replacement. As stated, picture not the best but don't see evidence of the rivets holding grips. Leather & plastic grips weren't meant for the environment of the Pacific theater. Many MK1's & MK2's as well as other types had their grips replaced, thereby, became know as "theater made".
  11. Are you referring to the Victory model. If so, there was a post here sometime ago with good info. Can't locate link though.
  12. Nice RR. Needs correct General Shaver magazine though. Have several, if interested.
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