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  1. I saw that this was listed on Ebay and what was interesting was it was a numbered silver star medal which I believe was made by Bailey, Banks & Biddle Company . I look up the general order online but did not find the silver star medal number listed with general order. As mentioned before alot of 1944 numbered medal did not get the number on the general order like some general orders from 1943 and 1942. Are there any other records out there that connect his numbered silver star to his name? Below auction listing WW II Silver Star Named CPL T/5 Medical Det
  2. Has anyone seen this engraving style on any other fake medals?
  3. This is different then what I am used to seeing. Is this an official government engraved heart?
  4. This could be your guy. hope this helps. Also, check out the 1965 air force officers reg. and 1939 army officer reg. too. i was able to get some hits on them.
  5. So what I have is a world war II issue silver Star. Now all I have to do is search every general order in 1942 and 1943 and I hope that I can find this silver Star number on the general order. There are some WWII general orders online.Looks like a long shot but I'll keep my eyes open in the future. Thanks for the help.
  6. that's why I was questioning it to. Whoever re-ribboned it did do a good job.
  7. I have seen most B and B silver stars on a wrap brooch not slot brooch. Was this medal re-ribboned or did the manufacture make them with a slot brooch? The number on the medal is 18281. Was this medal issued to a WWI or WWII vet?
  8. This medal is now on Ebay again https://www.ebay.com/itm/WW2-US-Distinguished-Service-Cross-Named-To-Fred-O-Drennan-KIA-101st-DSA/153476622315?hash=item23bbeb67eb:g:4n4AAOSwpXZczxie At this link someone owned these medals at one point in time and posted them on his website. http://sparkyasundevil.tripod.com/id20.html
  9. Is this medal engraved by the government or privately engraved. This person was in the army and was WIA in 1945 in the Mediterranean area. I have never seen block letters like this on any army purple heart medal. I have seen block letter on WWII navy hearts. What you do you all think?
  10. It would be interesting to know if anybody else had some world war II medals for the army engraved with the rank on it.
  11. This medal looks like a WWII period engraved medal but not 100% sure if this is engraved by the government . The name engraved on it was awarded to a veteran who served in the 45th inf div. Most engraved Army Purple Heart or Silver Star medals are not engraved with a rank in front of it. What do you all think?
  12. you may want to try this link for the morning reports for this unit. http://fultonhistory.com/My%20Photo%20Albums/US%20Military%20Morning%20Reports%201940-1960/Roll%20566%20Items%2022648-22673%201944-06-01/325th%20Gli%20Inf%20Inf%20Morning%20Report%201944-06-01/index.html
  13. Does anyone have any WWII General Orders that list numbered Purple Hearts that they could post to this thread?
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