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  1. I keep a footlocker with all original contents. I love playing the songs of the era on my old player piano in our "music Room". After buying a 1941 dated Army music book from an Estate sale. I played a few songs out of the book then placed it in my footlocker and closed it. I awoke later in the night to my father yelling at me to stop playing on the piano. I looked over and the footlocker was open I walked down stairs and the book was open on the piano. (No one in my family besides me can play). After that I leave the book in the Music room on the piano but if I move it to another room it always ends up back on the piano.
  2. I have always asked and never found an exact answer. What exactly was the pionts system? What gave points? Were certain decorations worth more? Thanks.
  3. Sorry I guess I should have specified. I already knew it to be a hospital corp knife but was interested on the symbols and who might have decorated it that way
  4. Thanks for the link. However I was really interested about the symbols on the sheath.
  5. This knife has been in my family at least 50 years. I wanted to know more about it. Sorry for lack of photos (they have to many KB's for this site) I have a photo of it at this link http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=280...mp;l=011b0abd11
  6. Sorry having trouble uploading the pictures if you are interested i could email you pics just message me
  7. I collect edged weapons and i have 1. If anyone can confirm it as windtalker I would like to know. THe symbols are a turtle over water and and Eagle. I was told the eagle was a messager between earth and the creator and the turtle was associated with the start of North America. I'll try to attach pics
  8. Defiance, Miracle at St.Anna, and memphis belle good movies that should be on the list
  9. Bought mine at auction for 50 dollars, sorry if the picture is blurry. Dated with papers 1938 marked on all sided U.S. Army Air Corps and marked on the sides 90th Bomber SQDR.
  10. [/b]" The Stitch Nazis"[b] the people who point out the smallest detail of a uniform and complains as much as if it was the worst disgrace ever made in a uniform even when you have actual photos to back up your uniform.
  11. Couldn't help from smiling at my friends camera, everything is original besides the armband, mussette, and service shoes. I coulnt find era glasses in time for the parade and snapped my legging laces ( that's why they are black)
  12. I like the ones that have 1000 feedback with a powerseller logo and the positive feedback percentage is 80%
  13. Using cheap originals while re-enacting is the way to go. Buy a cheap "Blank" uniform from a surplus store and sew patches on them and even use some original gear. I'm NOT saying "go to the field with original uniforms from ID'ed soldiers while wearing original double buckles and beat them to hell, but for things half the cost of Repros it will give your impression the rugged combat tested look you are looking for and will keep everyone guessing what is real and whats not. -graydon
  14. I learned to shoot bow right handed but it is still a pain and akward. Got to admit the question makes one think.
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