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  1. That's a cool grouping. Too bad you can't dig up any info on him. With only one GCM plus the Commendation Medal, I'd assume he was a mustang. Does the Coast Guard publish and officers register? I also wonder if he might've served as an EM, then perhaps ended up at the Coast Guard Academy.
  2. I'd say strip whatever doesn't belong and then sell it to prevent any confusion or misunderstanding on the buyer's part. Sometimes, even if you thoroughly explain things to people, there's a certain percentage who just don't get it. I've learned this the hard way over many years of working with the public lol If my budget weren't so tight right now with the holidays coming up, I'd definitely buy it from you.
  3. I'm with Wharfmaster. Definitely looks like the Distinguished Service Order, just in the wrong position in the order of precedence. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distinguished_Service_Order
  4. A couple of newer acquisitions! The first one already has a thread of its own, which you can find here. It belonged to a Specialist 4 who served as an Infantryman in Vietnam where he earned an Army Commendation Medal with Valor "V" (although, the V device is missing). He then reclassed to Field Artillery after his tour which I found pretty interesting. The second belonged to a Sergeant who served in Vietnam with the 1st Aviation Brigade. The uniform features DUIs for the 210th Aviation Battalion (Combat). It's missing the current assignment SSI, but the "ghost" in the l
  5. Thanks for posting those, Dave! Man, I'd love to have gotten that CG group. The Navy grouping is spectacular!
  6. Thanks! Now that you mention it, I can't remember the last time I've seen one mounted on a bar. I just wish I had a name to go with it.
  7. Good evening, everyone! This excellent Chief Petty Officer's grouping just arrived today. I'm not 100% on the era, but I'm pretty confident it's Vietnam era judging by the lack of the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon and the copper-colored planchet on the National Defense Service Medal. What I really like is that not only does it have the Chief's medal bar, but it has the accompanying unit awards to be worn with them on the opposite breast of the uniform. I've only managed to get a Navy or Marine Corps medal bar with the accompanying ribbon-only bar one other time, so I'm
  8. Thanks for sharing, Lara! Can't wait to see the other photos
  9. Thank you, guys! I'm glad you enjoyed seeing them I still have one more I'm planning to do once the holidays are over. It will be for my paternal grandfather's 1st cousin who served at the tail end of the Korean War with the 1st Marine Division. Hopefully, I can get it together early next year.
  10. That makes sense. If that was the case, I just hope his Sergeant didn't catch him wearing an unauthorized combat patch, or he'd have been doing push-ups for the rest of his enlistment 😆 I never knew Whitey Ford had been in the Army. Learned something new today!
  11. Thank you! My grandfather was the only person to see a display for whom I put a display together. I put together the original layout when I was just about to graduate high school, and he was pleased with it. It even put a big smile on his face. I later had it on display at his wake after he passed away in 2003. Putting displays together is a lot of fun, and is one of my favorite parts of the hobby 🙂
  12. It doesn't look added to me. If you look closely, you can just make out the stitching between the 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock positions on the patch, and what looks like a couple of loose threads at the 9 o'clock position. This is definitely an odd one. Hopefully someone can shed some light on why he's wearing what seems to be a generic Signal Corps patch in lieu of a unit patch.
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