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  1. I thought WW2 production had Remington Rand producing the most with Ithica and Cold in the middle and US&S being the least...(Singer excluded of course).
  2. I see 8 pockets on this belt. One in front of the chap and one after the Right most one. You can see the rivet on the right and surmise the one ahead of the chap.
  3. A true first pattern has no date and the handle is all coated steel. These are not so easy to find.
  4. HI, This was brought back from a returning vet in 1946. He was in the 96 inf div in a unit I am told was called the "Dead Eyes" Has anyone an idea what this is? Combat knife or just souvenir? thanks, Pep
  5. Thank you both for the fast answers.
  6. I believe the general consensus is that these were manufactured before 1918 when the date was required to be stamped on the canteen and cup.
  7. This one caught my eye due to the color and condition. Enjoy...
  8. Pep

    L-2B (7448C)

    Thank you Franck. That info at least gives more confidence to my date assumption. The jacket came from the estate of LT. William Zalinsky (5th AF, 67th Tactical recon wing in 1951-Korea)
  9. Pep

    L-2B (7448C)

    Thank you 1canpara
  10. Pep

    L-2B (7448C)

    I do not see many posts of early nylon type jackets here. I too love the leather but the nylon types have a special appeal. I believe this jacket to be a late 57 early 58 date of mfg. Can anyone please confirm this?
  11. Just wanted to push this back into the light. Please if you have any M1910 covers marked to a state post a pic here. Will be a nice reference. Thank you
  12. Pep

    USN small knife

    "Keep this knife well oiled"
  13. Pep

    USN small knife

    Thank you troop. Is the sheath a civilian aftermarket replacement/.
  14. Was wondering if this was a knife from WW2. And if indeed it was a USN issued knife. Thanks
  15. I was thinking It may be nice to have a record of all M1910 canteen covers that are state marked for the record. Please feel free to add yours...and thank you.
  16. Well sounds like the consensus is to leave it so it will be left. Thanks all...
  17. I would like to know if I should remove the hook and return the hanger to its original shape. Any opinions?
  18. The date is hard to photo but I believe it is 1911...
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