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  1. I've got some help looking this guy up. If he enlisted in Feb 42 then he was 32 almost. Would he have been issued such an early helmet? Is it possible he had enlisted earlier? The release dates are odd also... Anyone seen this before?
  2. I wanted a military holster for my .38 2" barrel revolver so I picked this up. It fits my SW well. Is it an actual issued holster and what year is it from? How scarce is it?
  3. Thank you all for the comments. Looks like I now have a research project. I read the NPRC is not fully open and it may take a while. Anyone know of a different way to find out what outfit this guy was in? One more question, should I treat the leather with something? it is dry.
  4. Found this old helmet. I think it is a WW1 helmet refitted to the M1917A1. Has a laundry mark D0750 and a name Teddy Glenn The Glenn name goes under the pad. Is this a helmet that was used in early WW2? Comments welcome. I know very little about this type.
  5. Found a Bloomberg for ref. 8 / 1951 / MRT
  6. Also definitely dyed black.
  7. I dont think so. See below the comparison with a 1916 dated holster from RIA. The construction is much different and the thread is a different size...
  8. Just wondered if this was the last year RIA manufactured the M1916 holster?
  9. I was contacted by Mr. James L. Weber's last living daughter a week ago. She had found some correspondence(email) I had with her older sister in 2009. She asked if I would sell this helmet back to her as it was her fathers. After I was able to verify her to actually be his daughter, I told her for the price it would take to ship it to her she could have it no cost. I received today an email with her heart felt thanks at repatriating this helmet to her. It can be passed down in her family now. I am not sure how much this type of thing happens, but I was happy to g
  10. I got this recently and was interested in making sure it was a real WW2 holster. It is more "redish" than my RIA version from 1916. The bottom "tab" is also much longer than I was expecting...
  11. Tim, I sold my Mills canteen cover a few months ago. It was not dated and I think the logo was on the left flap. That cover did not have a US on it so I figured it was a civilian marketed one. It did have the steel hook in tube though.
  12. I also have a Mills 1911 dated M1910 wire cutter carrier...and the plyers that go in it...marked US on both sides...
  13. Found this gem on ebay. I had been looking for an early axe carrier for a while.
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