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  1. Either it is "too quiet". OR " crawling with Krauts"
  2. A good stereo type was depicted. By Eddie Albert in one of the best. "ATTACK !" Jack Palance calls him the Gutless Wonder. THE movie stereotype frequently. seen is the oldest GI in the world, whos has 4 kids and medical problems, but won't try to get reassigned
  3. It may have already been tagged, but in many WWII films the stiff upper lipped Brit gets his knickers in a twist about ethics and proper behaviour. One of the better. ones was. 'KING RAT'. The GI "George Segal" wheels and deals, hated by his camp mates. But at the time of liberation, they realize he saved lives with his tactics.
  4. Never was able to make out the Mayberry arsenal exactly, but I think there was an Arisaka carbine in the mix. Any body make a guess?
  5. NO EXPERT. About 15 years back a local collector/dealer here in PHX. had 4 or 5 of the/se on his table. Same story, 'experimental" I passed. Maybe somebody got a deal.
  6. NO EXPERT . The graffiti looks very fresh . Many items of 782 gear were issued from piles of reclaimed gear Just my 2 cents
  7. I am sorry I got to this a bit late, and my question has already been addressed . What about that superattractive USMC Major on the show "JAG"
  8. Has a cinematic portrayal been done of Sgy. Carlos Hathcock ?
  9. I know I am late to the party . Almost 2020 !! In Pride of the Marines John Garfield played Barney Ross who was blinded on Guadalcanal early in the war Also anyone remember Chuck Conners as Cochise and Ross Martin as Mangus Colorado ? Did not Jeffery Hunter portray an Anglo American who was raised by Japanese Americans and went on to rescue many civilians in the Pacific? Who was the actor who portrayed Manila John Basilone MOH recipient and later KIA on Iwo Jima Finally, I have not been able to locate the REAL . Sgt. Ernie Bilko. This is a great thread
  10. SOME TIMES awarded to company execs, r and D people or even political people . have seen a few, one was factoryplated Keep us in the loop
  11. LATELY, I have been reading a few of the more recent " D-DAY publications. One I can recommend is titled . " Every Man a Hero" written by a 94 year old medic who fought in Africa, Sicily and Omaha Beach. Earned 3 Silver Stars in the process . The book features a photo of a large rock or hunk of concrete named "RaysRock" . This was where cover was provided for wounded men in that area. Does any one there have additional information ?
  12. I BELIEVE Douglas Fairbanks was in the Navy on the Murmansk supply convoys, James Arness ( Mr. Dillon) was wounded at Salerno.
  13. These belts were commonly cut down to fit the skinny soldiers of the era Yours is a nice clean specimen . Please leave the buckle alone .
  14. Regarding the fine American actor Jimmy Stewart . He flew 1 combat mission in Vietnam in a B 52, which he was qualified to fly . This was early in the war and was not widely reported
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