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  1. Hi, guys, it has been a long time since I visited here but would like your help in clearing up one point. I have been reading the thread concerning the repaint of M2 of Lt. Joseph Shelton 505th PIR. In it there is mention of the 'Westinghouse' liner being replaced with an inland one for the ebay sale. I thought all M1-C liners were inland? I recently picked up this helmet with a Firestone liner. I am happy to accept the advice of others who are more expert and who have told me that the firestone is not original to the helmet (as an M1-C). I would be very grateful, as ever, for
  2. Ian. The record was set in Bogota and there are no photos of the event, so the largest parade of Willys Vehicles could test even the most open minded imagination!!
  3. Ian, you have my number for War and Peace Revival. I have foolishly arranged with the Guinness World Records people to have an attempt at recording the Largest Parade of Willys Vehicles. Watch out for the stressed individual! Richard
  4. Ian, great to see you there (was it really a fortnight ago??) Thanks for the excellent set of breasts ... erm, I mean, pictures.
  5. Two fonts walk into a bar. The barman points at the door. "We don't serve your type in here ..."
  6. From a fellow Jeep owner, you do the hobby proud, lovely job
  7. That was one of two buys that I would have easily stumped up the money for, Ian. The other was that damned SS jerrycan that Llew bought :blush:
  8. I'm sure we could have arranged a lift from a Jeep! Such a shame you're leaving God's country - there's quite a few re-enactor types in and around West Wales. Here's some photos from Dinefwr http://g503.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=208933&p=1223874&hilit=dinefwr#p1223874
  9. A long way from Aberystwyth!! Did you go to Dynefwr Castle last year? That's a lot closer to home for you!
  10. Hi, Johan Regarding your 'AAA' marked Jerrycan I have today heard from Philippe Leger (the Jerrycan author). He says the following (although I have corrected some grammar) Your second can wtih the G and USA stamped in the steel was made surely in belgium by the manufacturer "AAA" In belgium, I see 4 factories : FN : fabrique nationale d'Herstal BTMC : ? ACEC : Ateliers de construction électriques de Charleroi and AAA : ? AAA is very rare, it is the first that I see. Cheers REG
  11. REG

    M1944 gear

    LOL yes - it may have been me! They're a lovely couple Just found photos elsewhere The garand belt is almost unissued and nicely date
  12. REG

    M1944 gear

    Yep, together with it's sister - the light tan one in the cabinet. Is there something suspect about the JQMD 1945 cans? Appreciate your views
  13. REG

    M1944 gear

    Hi, guys A couple of shots of my late war gear, original M1943 jacket with 1944 pack system. It's all a bit of a muddle to photograph and the room's a bit cramped. There's also some shots of other items in my collection - not all US, sorry!! I'll break things down and take individual pics if wanted. The flashlight is WPG but everything else is original, mostly A+ to mint (but happy to be contradicted) REG The helmet is a fixed bail, Schlueter The helmets L-R are: original M1 - may even be a faint camo pattern. Refinished M1 (Lawdog), SPR
  14. D'oh - just read your original post again - you clearly show 1941. I was just noting the thick weld, two tab top and rounded 'G'.And only one of the water cans is clearly used for GAS - trying to use android for forum posting ain't working PS Can I pinch a copy of the USMC cans for G503?
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