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  1. is this " Duck hunter " Vietnam camo or some other country? Got this on an early fixed bail and according to the seller was there when he got it Giorgio
  2. would this be a french Indochina war helmet period? thank you Giorgio
  3. Before any more unnecessary insinuations are made I have to make a quick comment. The camo helmet that started this thread was purchased by me personally during the SOS show set up from a gun dealer right across my table, Steve Klima was there when I got it, he saw , he like it and ask me to sell it. Is a real no questions camo and takes one second in hand to see it. The other helmets added to this thread were in the late Arthur Angelini collection and I bought them from the son, a large number of helmets American , European and other that I have no idea what they are. The owner of this forum Bob Chat saw also this collection before me and can confirm. the 29th art helmet was bought by a friend from Italy at the SOS show and he ask me to sell it for him on eBay, after I was notified of the situation I tried to stop the auction but eBay would not let me do it because was less that 12 hours from the end. When the auction is over I will let the buyer know. If you have more questions or Russian conspiracy theory you want to know feel free to contact me directly at www.Italianwarfront.com I have a wife, kids and a work and don't have time to paint helmets Giorgio
  4. this helmet came out with many other I'm listing on eBay from a storage closed for at least 30 years not sure anyone "burned" this intentionally and cannot ask the former owner since was long death. I have few German helmets vet bring back in my collection with burn stains probably picked up next burning vehicles or buildings. Here is the link of the listing so you can see better pictures. Giorgio https://www.ebay.com/itm/US-M1-HELMET-FIXED-BALES-PAINTED-PANEL-RED-CROSS-MEDIC-U-S-ARMY-MARINES-NAVY/122898527303?hash=item1c9d52b447:g:avEAAOSwndZaT9P0
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