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  1. You are correct Bob. Many of these suffer from ionic leaching in the handles. Most are cracked or crumbling. You will from time time find one that has no handle issues. The etching on the blade is usually gone or at best very faint. The tip of the stiletto is usually bent or broken.
  2. Nice find. I have about ten of these and have handled a bunch more. Looks like a good one !
  3. Hey guys I need some help with this knife I just picked up. The handle has had three bolsters added to it. They look like Keystones with a capital Y and a pair of justice scales. Does this mean anything to any of ya"ll ? The Pennsylvania thing is my first thought. Maybe some of you can help. Thanks
  4. A photo of the serial # partially obscured. Note the number 0 above the serial number. This denotes cylinder bore.
  5. Here is a photo of the inspectors marks. You can also see Amzi Tubbs stamp in this photo.
  6. Hello fellow Military shotgun collectors, With some help from other fellow collectors I have been able to confirm that Ithaca Trench gun serial numbers do not end at serial # 61,450. They appear to end around 62,124 or thereabouts. I have also spoken with Bruce Canfield about this and he agrees that the range is higher than 61,450. My advice would be to check with the guys on the Ithaca forums and ask them to check your serial number before you think that the gun you have is not a legitimate Trench shotgun. One of the guys over on that forum has copies of the original Ithaca records that w
  7. And..... it is a real Trench gun. Canfield's book contradicts itself if you read all of the information in it. I emailed Bruce Canfield and he confirmed that the serial numbers do not end at 61,450. There were Trench guns above 62,000 but appear to be below 63,000 based on Ithaca factory records.
  8. Tom D was a big help ! He was able to send me some good documentation.
  9. Hello all, I need some help with a WW 2 Ithaca Mdl 37 Trench gun. The serial number on this gun is just over 62000. Canfields book says it ends without doubt at 61450. The handguard looks correct and the markings look right. The stock and forend have been replaced. Does anyone have access to or know someone that has access to the Ithaca shipping records ? I found a book about Ithaca 37's that says the serial number range is at least 62000. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. As President of The TMCA, I would like to invite everyone to join us for another great fall show. I have made many friends over the years at our shows and found lots of good militaria.
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