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  1. Hink441---I agree...it was called the Big Red One for a reason.....
  2. Just for comparison, here are some of the 26 Virginia National Guard M1917s that were recovered in 2017 from an old warehouse at the state military reservation near Virginia Beach. As you can see there was a variety of finishes and conditions---most of these were probably used stateside by the VA NG's coast artillery units that guarded the Chesapeake bay early in the war. While a number of the Coast Artillery soldiers ended up in the Philippines as field artillerymen in 1945, none of these helmets went with them.
  3. CW4AFB

    Real or Repro?

    Yeah, the Fort Lee Clothing Sales sold them to the guys in my unit for 5$ a shirt and 5$ for trousers....a good deal even then....
  4. and add this oddity to the "Lining list" from a 1st Chemical Regiment soldier comes this pair of trousers in which the front pockets have been extended using coin bags from a bank--- these are not some "field repair" add-ons--they are very carefully added and machined double stitched---I don't know which is weirder, the clown pockets or the money bag pockets...
  5. Over the years I've owned a couple of "black-lining" service coats - one the ones I still have is a US Third Army, 51st Pioneer Infantry Regiment coat with no manufacturers info--and I don't mean to muddy the waters on this thread but have you encountered some of the other strange material used to make linings or pockets? attached is a picture of the lining of a pocket from an MTC coat in the Third Army---are these guys clowns? What are they doing? Another pocket on the same pair of trousers has a bunch of different product names---very strange stuff...
  6. and please don't take pictures of the flag lying on the ground like that.....I know it may seem picky or petty but it triggers a response even when done unintentionally. s/f Al
  7. Here's the only one I've ever owned --except for a really poorly made Iraqi stick---it's not very fancy--just has the EGA on the knob and nothing very fancy on the pointing end but it came from a WW2 & Korean War Marine artilleryman who also deployed to China to dis-arm the Japanese Army after the Okinawa campaign. Among his items I also have a picture of him from Life magazine taken during the Chosin reservoir "attack in a different direction." As you can see, it's really hard to get a good clear shot of the ega on the stick. s/f Al
  8. And now in the WWI Uniform section there is a prewar Louisiana Cavalry Captain's service coat---amazing how the LA and crossed sabers are nearly perfect but the coat is falling apart around them--and best of all "The tunic has 3- silver service chevrons for service at the Border with Mexico during WW1." and only costs $550....
  9. Bert, John---thanks much--that would make sense since Maryland was half of the 29th at the time---He sure was a big guy---I'm sorry they didn't take a picture of him with COL Van Barfoot (MoH) who was at the same party---it would have looked like Land of the Giants....
  10. I need help to ID the large Major General on the right---the other two are MG John Castles (Adjutant General of Virginia) and Secretary of the Army John Marsh---they are at the reception that followed the reactivation of the 29th Infantry Division at Fort Belvoir in 1985. thanks and Happy Easter, Al
  11. Thanks Mark---we were lucky it was donated --- and the grouping also included a piece of the parachute he used when the VV II went down---as a records junky I was impressed to see the guys official file which included the log entry for each mission he flew--weather, target, flight times, everything... Al
  12. CW4AFB

    Patch Tabs

    And it came with the shirt with same AB tab and embroidered ribbons...
  13. CW4AFB

    Patch Tabs

    and here's my humble contribution to the Tabs and Arcs discussion -- from one of the very few WW2 uniforms I still have in my collection---it comes from that very short time post-war period when the 100th was an airborne outfit. Al
  14. and a few more Tarawa photos as well as a B-25 from their squadron flying over an atoll
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