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  1. yeah I was thinking maybe ROK or ARVN but definitely post WWII. I know I have seen that same pattern in a book that I have. Now I just have to remember which one. Thanks for the comments and opinions. Respectfully, Tyler
  2. The Chickenman Patch was designed by Crew Chief #809, Mike Scovel, and it was done at Lai Khe. I was not aware that any were made in the US. as I have inspected several from unit members and they were all the exact same even though some of the guys were not there at the same time. Anyway, I was curious to know if some were made int he US what is the difference between them. Are the two side by side supposed to represent the two options? the only way I could tell the originals was by looking at the stitching on the back. Thanks for any news you can share about this patch. Respectfully, Tyle
  3. Hello all, I picked up this camo helmet at a market and think I have seen the pattern before but I just can't remember where. Any of you camo or helmet experts have any ideas? Thanks for any input you have. Respectfully, Tyler
  4. I knew Nano Hiemstra and Interviewed him years back at a 90th Reunion. Im not sure I ever met Mr. Minucci. I do know that Mr. Minucci was wounded on March 12th 1945. I think I have some other info and maybe even photos of him. .
  5. Hey guys I just found this at a vintage resale shop and I just could not leave it there to be worn by some jackass for next halloween. it was more than I would have liked to pay but something would not let me leave without it. I am no Air corps guy and I have tried to do some research on it but I just can't get some simple answers about it. First how common are Band member items? I know it is pretty rare at Division level at least for a lot infantry units. Are there any good references for the band of the Air Corps? this jacket is named. This jacket seems to be a cut down mod from a cl
  6. Hello, Just wanted to add a little info here. I looked up all of the men on the flag and the only one that came up on any of the rosters that I have was E.J. Geste, and he was from the 345th. You said several of the men who signed were from the 90th. Could you please tell me what source you are citing? I can't confirm it so perhaps you have some information that I am lacking. If they are not from the 90th as well, it is most likely that the other names were from a unit that he served with in occupation or on the way home. Thanks for your time and it looks to be a neat group. Respectfu
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